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Telling the Story of Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll: Interview with Emma Garell

With Ronnie Sals Guest Writer for BANGS! Channeling Joan Jett, Ozzy Osbourne and Dolly Parton, Emma Garell from a very young age began to feel the sound in her soul as her thirst for rock music bloomed. As an artist her powerful presence and yet calm demeanor create a somewhat mysterious person both on and off stage. Her debut single/video "Destination Anaheim" without a doubt has opened the door to what is certain to come. Ronnie Sals: Congratulations on "Destination Anaheim" who wrote the song? Emma Garell:  Thank you! I wrote the lyrics and melody, then Andrew Rohlk wrote the guitar and CJ Alicea (my drummer) and  Rich Stine (my producer) came in to help with the final arrangement right before we went into the studio. 
Ronnie Sals: Who are all the band members and how did you all come together? Introduce us to your team. Emma Garell: We have had a recent change up on guitar.   --Camden Harrahy is now lead guitar and we met at School of Rock in late 2014 when we were i…

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