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Behind the Lens: Video Writer Declan Interviews Thomas Diognardi and Naveed Stone of In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory Music Video for "Nomad"

Declan: Hey In Loving Memory thank you so much for talking with me about more of the music video side of "Nomad." First, following you one thing you notice right away you all are very involved on your social media. How does the band fit that time in, and also create content that brings in the fans?

Naveed Stone: Thank you for noticing that! We definitely put a lot of thought and effort into our social media presence. It’s really all about personal time management. We’ve examined how we all spend our time day-to-day and try to look for ways to either cut out unnecessary activities, or save time doing the things that need to be done. This process doesn’t happen overnight obviously, but it’s one that we all work at every day. Once we have that time set aside, owning our own DSLR camera and setting up personal photoshoots, keeping an eye on other artists in our scene that are on the rise as well as their social media, and striv…

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