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A Legacy of Love and Loyalty to Ronnie James Dio: Interview with Scott Warren of Dio Disciples

Backstage at the White Oak  Music Hall, (courtesy John Escamilla), Houston By: Carox Rox.
The lineup included support bands Love and War, Tame Fury and Red Iris. Carox: How long have you been playing with the Dio Disciples? Scott: Well as long as there have been a Dio Disciples which was somewhere mid-2011. Ronnie died in 2010 and we were grieving for about a year and a half or so and so were our fans, so as a sort of resolution to that Wendy Dio said, “Let’s try this and see if it works”. Carox So you guys have been playing ever since then every year, but I do know that you are all involved in other projects? Scott: Well, we do all have different projects but we kind of committed to this although, this is a work of love. It isn’t so much like other bands where we are just trying to make money. It is a work of love and honor for the fans and for the memory of Ronnie to keep his music alive. Carox: I must admit I have read a lot of interviews and responses and I feel as if you guys always …

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