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The Wrecks- Live

The Wrecks- Live

Phoenix, Arizona Crescent Ballroom Review: H. Reavis

There is something about The Wrecks and their fan base that continues to explode! The band seems to know which magic mushroom to feed the masses as they pull together a cross over of genre seeking pop, pop punk, dance, rock, alternative junkies. Whether The Wrecks take the stage in a small or medium or large event platform if you have no idea who they are prior you will certainly know who they are by the third song in and your brain will be humming their tunes for days to come afterwards!

These guys are the real deal! Genuinely having a great time, making the connections and sharing that 'real feel' with everyone in the room. In many ways at times the beginnings of the old Weezer days come to mind with The Wrecks sound, charm, music and charisma. 

The Wrecks, who are currently out on tour with New Politics, are not to be missed! Plus, they are spinning tunes off of their current self produced EP “Panic Vertigo” an…

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