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BANGS! EP Review: KB & The Idyllwilde I Just Wanna Love You, I Just Wanna Let You

Excuse me is this thing on? (pause) (feedback) Mic drop. Some like it rough and nasty, while others like it smooth and trashy so just what is that sound we are digging in the recesses of our brains??? Could it be a blend of the aforementioned and kicked back in a hot breathe? KB & the Idyllwilde is that shot glass of smooth that hits your throat with a burn and leaves your lungs with a rough edge. 

The video for "Madman" must be the living end of every episode of how ladies take care of cleaning their living rooms. After all the way to man's appetite is a bump and grind motion. "Drown" certainly leaves the same ejaculation of hot twist, while "The Right Kind of Sickness" shows this is the reincarnate of Tina and Ike- there is something betwixt the vocals on this one that leads you to those times. The horn opening section for "Glories" is righteous and "Heart Faulty" is the climatical beat of the deep blues. KB bleeds, courses sm…

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