Delta Machine by Depeche Mode

Album Review: 'Delta Machine'


Editor Rating: 5 

by: Song River

The parlaying of synthesizing electro-pop was the bouncing terpsichore camarilla to the success of Depeche Mode in the 80's, spinning through Essex dance clubs into the hearts of the American shores the melancholy techno bubbles of synth still rouses the pulse with the release of, Delta Machine.

In truth- die hard Depeche Mode fans will embrace the forthcoming release, number 13, because after all it is Depeche Mode... and those unsaved in their vogue embrace will become believers in time to the croons and falsetto lingerings from lead vocalist and front man, Dave Gahan. Depeche tech hits a bluesy melody at times, and the rousing tint colored embrace leads the frenzy spin into a raucous motion.

The original influences of their muses are still lined well along the melding coating as Roxy Music and Kraftwerk can be mentioned, in other words... when listening to Depeche Mode- the soul can't help but dance. Delta (Greek meaning four) Machine transports what took Depeche Mode back in the early 90's from just 'dance' record music to a higher level of push it, gutsy electro-tech mixing.

You can hear the club remix deliver a pulse rating birth in, 'Should be Higher' and 'Soothe My Soul', as Depeche Mode performed live on 'Late Night on David Letterman' show in early March. You could sense the connection between the rhythmic motion and the audience all being taken into a seductive throb of striking keys, plucked strings and timed beats. This is certainly one of those bands that draws in more fans when performing live, escalating and broadening their fan base.

'Heaven', is a motion of passion that gives a strength to its feathered marrow core- “I slowly lose myself over and over/Take comfort in my skin endlessly...” and yes, DM has certainly taken that comfort and Delta Machine's skin is very comfortable indeed. Where the obvious blues-tinged sting surrounds, 'Angel' and a favorite of mine... 'The Child Inside', with body parts are starting to appear, how devastatingly haunting- seemingly a Vesalius moment. A favorable mood setter, studio or live has been created, a masterful cohesive work of synth stabs, encircling a beat that brings Depeche Mode exactly to the place where they belong - Delta Machine.

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