Amazing Arizona Comic Con... Final Highlights From Phoenix Convention Center 2015 #aacc

Thank you just at times doesn't seem enough.  The hard work and dedication of what Jimmy Jay, Amazing Comic Cons and the staff are really just a glimmer of what makes a BEST comic con, one that truly holds to building those memories with friends, and family based upon a central point of the world known as Comic Books.

This years Amazing Arizona Comic Con began really more than a year ago in planning, inviting, scheduling, etc... Best doesn't come by making last minute decisions, and hoping it all just happens. No BEST, occurs when the heart and soul of giving fans plus the comic industries creators the opportunity to meet, chat, discover, appreciate, learn, and form lasting friendships.

2015 Amazing Arizona Comic Con celebrated their Fifth Anniversary right here in the state of Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center... right there with all of you!

Huge thank you's to:
Amazing Arizona Comic Con Staff
JayCompany Comics
Phoenix Conventions Center
Rob Liefeld
Greg Capullo
Todd McFarlane
Steve McNiven
George Perez
Adam Kubert
Charles Soule
Mark Bagley
Herb Trimpe
Steve Epting
Chad Hardin

Cast Reunions:
The Power Rangers
Sailor Moon
Heroes of CosPlay Jessica Merizan and Chloe Dykstra
Face/Off Alana Rose and Keaghlan Ashley
Bob's Burgers Devin Roth

Plus all of the exhibitors, and most of all to YOU the fans!

We will see you all at:
Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 19-21st
Amazing Houston Comic Con September 4-6th
Amazing Hawaii Comic Con September 18-20 

For more information visit:
Twitter @amazingcomiccon

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015. We know that nothing draws a crowd like... the BEST COMIC CONS!!!!

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015 SHOUT OUT to all the CosPlayers!
WE <3 font=""> YOU! 

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015 Exhibitors! 

 Pride. Yes pride. Pride in every part of what a creative does.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015 Panels!

Comic Illustrators and heart... they just go together naturally!

The dedication of fans... it is something that cannot be matched!

Panels really help give a more intimate setting between the artists and their fans!

As the doors closed, a few last fans lingered late Sunday at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con stop... deciding which direction to geek on to next.... thank you fans, Amazing Arizona Comic Con knows 

Photos Courtesy of CowGirlZen Photography for Amazing Comic Cons.
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See Everyone at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2015!