Gothic Artistry, Vino of the gods... the long desired EP from iL Lacrimo is bellissimo.

Gothic Artistry, Vino of the gods... the long desired EP from iL Lacrimo is bellissimo.

03/17/2015 Song River

Seduction, like honey drips from the vocalist tongue, the guitar riffs cut deeply into the rock of soul, and the piano ivories pronounce, as each element titillating pours her diverse soul of aspirations. All encompassing to its climactic source, bringing the honeyed power house of intense metal with a rich intercourse of the band, iL Lacrimo.

iL Lacrimo's EP, Red Tears and Black Shadows II, is filled with the passion brought from the heart of Italy and exploding onto the scene as one of 2015's most promising Melodic Gothic Metal bands across Europe and soon the United States. A deliberately primed artistic work driven with melody, magnate and delictable arousal.  

Federica Sara's voice is vivacious, so awash with life, a ascertainable motion of cacoethes, yet to think it is inadvisable to indulge is laughable, and illogical. Gothic overtures spent, and answered somewhere in-between measures, notes, and lines. A sweet and woody richness of a dark scarlet vino only meant for those who can handle the melodic empowerment of strength that moves the spirit, is iL Lacrimo. Pairing with Davide-Kristof Acs through the realms of mist across the vivid dream lands of champaign, this EP is only a taste of what is, and even more of what is to come.

iL Lacrimo's EP opens with Burning Fields, a dynamically driven heavy guitar riffs we strongly motion to. 1000 Reasons To?, delivers a solid introduction of beauty as the ebony and ivory keys are played with, and the delicate piano leads you into the stimulating voice of Federica. Chains in the Cold emit the powerful vocals of Federica and the driving force of guitar work, all while layering the synth. Balance and edge blend No Longer into a danceable number with a memorable beat, 'No longer, no longer... one light, one light will shine' almost seems to plead with the listener.

Rounding out iL Lacrimo's fresh measured recording is, Non Credi, a formulation that once again showcases the range and power of Federica's vocal prowess. Do you not think? The elegance of Non Credi closes this EP and leaves the listener wanting more. Insatiable music, wanton mixes, that lingers on and on in your mind.

Tradition, present and future can be heard within the blessed mix of iL Lacrimo and experienced in their new EP, iL Lacrimo is her Red Tears and Black Shadows II. Listen, feel, empower, rock.

Federica Sara Falletta //  Vocals
Davide- Kristof Acs //  Guitar
Raffaele Lamorte //  Piano/Keyboard
Giovanni Lima //  Keyboard
Dario Vanoli //  Bass
Alessandro Napolitano Drums

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