American Classic Rock Almost Delivers: Debut Album of The Blackmail Seduction

American Classic Rock Almost Delivers

Debut Album of The Blackmail Seduction

01/04/2015- Song River

A fresh cup of coffee, seemed to be this mornings topic on social media, and its importance in our lives. Fresh, starts with a passion to make something the best it can be. Fresh is giving thought to a process from its beginning to its end. A final product that makes you feel good about the time you spent with it.

Feels good, but could be better are the words I would use on The Blackmail Seduction's debut album. It starts with passion and is fresh good feeling rock most of the way through. However, there are only four songs which deliver that hook to keep the listener in tune all the way through. Classic American rock with an edge reminiscent of the Refreshments and early Gin Blossoms sound. Not an original deliverance, but one that seems to fit their style.

Jess McClellan: Lead vox and guitar, along with, Troy Hardy on guitar, backing vox, and keys create American Classic Rock. Rounding out the blend is Mike Mennell: Bass and Blair Sinta: Drums and Percussion. A full house of music from beginning to end. With a blended variety of rock sounds from melodic, traditional, classic, hard- an album that one would find comfortable for a afternoon drive, or a few beers on a Friday night.

Friends, the opening track eases the set into the next, California Jackpot, that contains a heavier driving line. “Feel free to take down my pictures, don't need me hanging around... and memories hold you down...” Hold You Down, simple lyric lines, simple rock. I'll Be Right Here, is a sure fire hit off the album. It holds all the key elements that make it a radio play favorite. The influences of American Classic Rock continue in the overtures burned through the track, Are You With Me Tonight. The Blackmail Seduction cover with ease, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Lennon/McCartney), holding to the respect of what the tune deserves, and not diverting from its original course. Personally, my least favorite track on the album is, War at Home. Driving guitar, typical layering, and Jess's voice doesn't lend itself to convince or carry a harder rock tune. The song lyrically is boring and without flesh.

The Blackmail Seduction touts to be one part Los Angeles and one part Minneapolis. A mix of sunny west coast, and mid-west chill. Their self-titled debut album had peaked at #12 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart, and it is deserved for a freshman debut. However, as they hold onto, 'let's keep it fresh passion,' music deserves- let's hope they work towards developing what they are truly good at...and that is American Rock, and offer a product to keep the billboards climbing, and the listeners spinning.

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