Music Picks for the Week of April 17th, 2015

It is Music Picks Time for the week of April 17th, 2015!

17/04/15- Song River  

A weekly feature choosing music from around the world: International, Stateside, Local.  Sharing a variety of sounds, genres and styles to set your curiosity into motion, and allow you to discover new music.

Supporting the independent musicians, and those who just believe music is more than just a good beat you can dance  to... It is an experience that moves ones soul! 

International Pick of the Week:

Jin Hi Kim- Korea   


Jin Hi Kim's work is based on Living Tones, trance-like energy and eclectic sensibility:

a wide range of creative music with Korean aesthetic and spices in a cross-cultural context.

Joseph McLellan of The Washington Post wrote, "Her unique vision blends science fiction images, state-of-the-art technology, ancient mythology and timeless music and dance traditions. No other artist is doing work quite like this, and she does it with superb style. Kim performs brilliantly and evocatively on an amplified komungo."

Josef Woodard of The Los Angeles Times wrote, "This [Living Tones] is new music/world music at its finest, beyond political correctness into the realm of the sublime, where words and cultural postures fall away."

Digital Buddha 

Stateside Pick of the Week:

Floodlove- Los Angeles


  • Indie / Alt / Dream pop
  • Hometown
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Record Label
  • Affiliation
    (ex) The Dangerous Summer
  • Short Description
    Debut album out now!
  • Bio
    Floodlove is a music project started by Cody Payne when his old band started to slow down in 2013. They released their debut record in November 2014.
  • Current Location
    Los Angeles, CA
  • General Manager
  • Influences
    Phoenix, mgmt, youth lagoon
  • Email
  • Press Contact
  • Booking Agent

Echo from Floodloves debut self titled album.

Local Pick of the Week: 



Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers is one of only a very few female-fronted, all-original Americana rock bands in the Phoenix metro area, AZ, USA!  Original and uncommonly upbeat music written by up and coming Tempe singer/songwriter, Carol Pacey.  With songs written in Americana’s mix of folk, alt-country and rock 'n' roll, Carol brings it all to her shows with enthusiasm, ease and pure joy.  Originally from the East Coast, Carol moved out west and became enamored with what Arizona and Mexico had to offer. At her shows, she and the band perform a collection of original songs, from poignant ballads to driving rockers.  How Carol describes the music, "Our music is what music used to be like here in Tempe when the Refreshments and the Dead Hot Workshop owned this town, albeit with a female up front doing the singing!!! Music fans quickly pick up on our choruses and rhythms, and then sing and dance right along with us, which for a songwriter is a huge accomplishment and part of my goal in this grand musical adventure!

The Honey Shakers bring Carol's songs to life ...
On lead guitar is Andy Borunda, most recently from local indie bands, I Me Mine and the Cyd & Andy Show. Andy is an Arizona native and has been playing the guitar for over two decades. He is mostly self-taught as after a couple of weeks in guitar class the instructor said, “There’s nothing more I can teach you. Go ahead and learn on your own.” Andy has since developed his sound and technique over the years and cites Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, and Slash as his main influences on the guitar while also being immensely inspired by bands such as The Beatles, Cheap Trick, and The Replacements. Andy loves playing electrically and acoustically equally and uses Gibson Les Pauls and a Taylor 614CE acoustic for live shows and includes a Fender Telecaster for studio work. At the end of the day, Andy sums it up like this -- “I’m a musical sponge…I just love playing music.”

Keeping the beat is Ben DeLuca, originally an east coast boy hailing from the D.C. area. As a kid, he loved to make noise, and learned to play multiple instruments, and with a special talent for banging on things, the drums came naturally. On the advice of such icons as Jim Morrison and Horace Greeley, he headed west, dug the AZ way of life, and never looked back. Ben has an appreciation for many genres and artists, and what he’ll tell you he’s learned from those who have influenced him musically, is that, “Music is a universal language that allows us to express that which we cannot by other means, it is like medicine for the soul.” 

Born and raised in Boston, Dante Fiorenza studied jazz and rock bass, and in 1999 with his first band, Surrender Dorothy, opened Lilith Fair Phoenix, and he has since performed with Launching Brenda, Stephanie Kniffin and Cameo Hill. Dante’s main influences are his father who, while not a bassist, is the “baddest tenor man in Boston,” Charles Mingus, Jaco, John Paul Jones, and Paul McCartney. 

Haunted House off the forthcoming album soon.
Video Credit: Mad Pics

Get out to your nearest record store, or go online and get out to explore the world of music!  
Support independent record stores near you!  My independent record store pick is: Stinkweeds Records Phoenix, Az. 
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