Music Picks for the Week of April 3rd, 2015

It is Music Picks Time for the week of April 3rd, 2015!

/2015- Song River  

A weekly feature choosing music from around the world: International, Stateside, Local.

Supporting the independent musicians, and those who just believe music is more than just a 
good beat you can dance  to... It is an experience that moves ones soul! 

International Pick of the Week:
The Strypes [Cavan, Ireland]


The Strypes are 4-piece rhythm and blues band hailing from Cavan, Ireland, formed in 2008 by Ross Farrelly (lead vocals/harmonica), Josh McClorey (lead guitar/vocals), Pete O'Hanlon (bass guitar/harmonica) and Evan Walsh (drums).

Formed by four friends in Cavan, Ireland inspired by artists such as Dr. Feelgood, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and the early Rolling Stones, The Strypes have been gigging around the pubs, clubs and festivals of Ireland, England and Europe since June 2011 playing a no nonsense set of "speed blues", mixing reworkings of rhythm and blues classics with their originals. In April 2012 they released a 4-track EP, "Young, Gifted & Blue" which hit no. 1 on the iTunes Blues Chart and ignited the interest of record companies. The band also scored a minor radio hit in Ireland with their version of Bo Diddley's "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover". Elton John, Jeff Beck, Paul Weller and Dave Grohl are all known fans of the band.

The band signed a record deal with Mercury Records (which has since become known as Virgin EMI) in December 2012 and are currently working on their debut album. Two singles are available on Virgin EMI Records: "Blue Collar Jane" and "Hometown Girls"


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Stateside Pick of the Week:

Seneca and the River [Los Angeles, Ca]


Seneca & The River formed during the summer of 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. Initially the band was formed for a college Artist Development competition and included mostly Seneca's closest friends and some co-workers.

After the temporary student-band won the first place prize with Seneca, most everyone decided to stick around and continue the project outside of college.

The band has gone on a journey of ups and downs and has dwindled to four of the original twelve members. Contributing unofficial members come and go, and occasionally make appearances during performances.

Some of the original members, who are no longer with the band, will make appearances on the band's first couple of releases in 2015. These members include Chris Cannone, Alex Marthol, Taylor Rae, Cameron Earl and Tiffany Payne.

All other currently listed members still actively perform and/or record with the 4 core members along with two new members.

Local Pick of the Week: 

Brutha White [Tempe, Az]


Brutha White is a name that has taken many years to earn. From WuT(wutever u think), Frequent Kings, Timothy Don, etc., All of them Being Me but the satisfactory of my Name was incomplete. Now Many Styles of Music later, Blues Crept up in my Life and revealed itself to me and has since then decided to make its mark through me. Dot know were it came from, dont care, but its here and Im going to give it to ya the best I can. Brutha White is me someone who is here to love, Help, and entertain you through sound and speech with a tone, sometimes so simple you will know the tune after hearing it once. I am a country Blues musician.

Get out to your nearest record store, or go online and get out to explore the world of music!  
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