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Leah Capelle

Leah Capelle: Self-Entitled EP
30/04/2015- Song River
(Vents Magazine 5/2015)

Leah Capelle

Clouds, clouds floating by against a warm sunny robin's egg blue sky. Stretched out on a hill of new spring grass- life is alive, and the memories of life enrich our roots under the musical voice of Leah Capelle.

Leah Capelle's self entitled freshman EP entwined these feel good and sometime complex memories as they give exhalation and find their way through each instrumental accompaniment. The band enlightens our souls and spins a truism. Would You Know opens in a catchy little race of bopping along to a diddy brought to life. Strings and piano entice you into the vocal opening of In a Boat, “Take me to the sea where no one can find me that’s where I want to be...” Heartbreak and pain after a lover has left one under the storms of passion breaks the silence and spins, Natural Disaster.

Members: Leah Capelle - vox, piano, guitar Jason Berk - background vox and lead guitar Simon Jay - background vox and rhythm guitar Rodrigo Moreno - upright and electric bass Hayley Brownell - background vox, drums and percussion

My Love is Dried Up, is the praise Leah's vocal's deserve as she is the focal point in the song and the gentle caress of the guitar is enough support to compliment her strength's. The song I found least likable at first was the track that stepped out of the previous formula, My Confession, however after listening to it a few times, the understanding of its complex diversity and measures involved gave way to an artist showing their many sides and challenges through their own capabilities, My Confession does just that. It is a lilting song that really displays Leah's songwriting and vocal abilities, and showcases the bands various abilities. It now has become my favorite in its strength. Finally rounding out this warm flowing album is, This Storm. It is by far the most haunting with the gentle soothing pulls of strings motioning the dreamy captivating vocals and instrumental prowess it certainly leads and holds one in.

Leah Capelle's self entitled EP has the stretch your soul needs to lie across the spring green grassy hill as the sun sets and your soul melts into the roots of Leah Capelle's music. Her posture in vocal range and powerful indie pop places her on the list of new artists to watch for.

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