Riding in Tune- Artist to Watch For!

Nicole Hale- Artist to Watch For!
Riding in Tune... Artist to Watch For!

Follow along as I travel across the globe listening to new artists, undiscovered, just starting, finding their path, taking that dream and making it their reality! You never know just when I might be listening, and ask you to send me a tune, and a little bit about who you are!

Artist to Watch For:
Nicole Hale

13/04/2015- Song River

The dreamy memorable sounds from singer/songwriter Nicole Hale have stolen the musical hearts of believers everywhere. A voice that only angels could bring, and a sound so captivating that in no time  you are lost in its warmth.

Nicole Hale has released her current single, Colors of the Day. Feat.  Bob Hoag on drums, shakers, keyboards, recording, mixing and producing. Also with: Nat Theobald for bass, Brennan Smiley for electric guitar and Jason Livermore for mastering.

With a voice reminiscent of singer/songwriter Nora Jones or Macy Gray, but with a capture all her own, Nicole Hale's new album, of 13 original tracks, House With the Little Rose Garden, is set for release in June 2015. Nicole's new album was recorded at Flying Blanket Recording Studios.

Record label: Hootenanny Production

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Band Members:
Shawnee Davis Snaketail- Drummer
Bobby Bennett- Bass
Dylan Ludwig- Guitar
Mick Holdsworth- Pedal Steel
Theron Wall- Cello
Paul Ruffner- Saxophone

Album: House With the Little Rose Garden:
Nicole Hale- keyboard, piano, wurlitzer, accordion, guitar, vocals
Bob Hoag- keyboard, drums, percussion
Alex Lee- drums
Nat Theobald- bass
Brennan Smiley- guitar
Danny Torgersen- trumpet
Chris Hoskins- sax
John Rickard- pedal steel
Max Knouse- pedal steel

All songs written by Nicole Hale
Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, Arizona
Mastering by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado
Album Design by Josh Hysell
Cover Art by Jeff Lowry
Photograph by Jordan McKown