RPM ORCHESTRA- Hit On All Sixes 
Album Review

07/04/2015- Song River


While listening to RPM Orchestra's album, Hit On All Sixes, I was reminded of a hot, humid night locked away in a cellar, blasted on a freaky batch of industrial strength moonshine. My well worn white t-shirt soaked in a drenching of perspiration, as a singular fly impatiently buzzed around me and I laid sprawled across a dirt floor. RPM Orchestra is not your typical deal of orchestra music. What they've concocted is a blend from a multiplicity of scraps around the tool shed and brewed into a fine delivery they claim to be avant garde. Their mechanical phenomenon is really what makes them a post-core industrial folk and experimental batch of sound.

RPM Orchestra's, Hit On All Sixes, is a mish-mash of well orchestrated... well... conglomeration would be a better word, five tracks of what the band endearingly terms, “structured improvisation.” Where one may expect a percussion, a typewriter is chosen, instead of a typical keyboard- a short wave radio delivers. With their sounds intermingled and entwined the vocals are mixed into the heightened delusional lusts of diesel fuel punk. A suitcase of clarinet, washboard, dangor, laputaphone, slide guitar, primitive reeds, tabmovuine, banjo, dual short wave radios, tabels, industrial spring and so on.

Jim Dustan's vocals and banjo bring you into the room with the opening track, Bury Mine. The industrial pacemaker of sounds, comes to play in, Bait and Switch, bringing in VicVOID, Pete Petrisko, Erik Hunter, and Jocelyn Ruiz's unique mixes. Diesel Punk princess, Jocelyn Ruiz, tinkles the toy piano and soft high vocal sounds in, Song of Sheba, (reminded me of “Coin Operated Boy” by Dresden Dolls). Decomposing Claude Debussy (feat. Ome Ensemble), is filled with the sounds of short wave radio, and that pesky fly who won't leave me alone! Industrial sounds, consistent clanging on the pipes from down in the cellar, along with what sounds to be a Tibetan singing bowl, finishes out Hit on all Sixes, with Untitled (Rebirth).

RPM Orchestra's sound is their own. Deconstructed, and purposefully set quantifies. Just how many revolutions per minute is this equivocally, interpreted deliverance? Query not, just indulge in the musical layer of unique hooch.

RPM Orchestra is 
Jim Dustan (Banjo, Bass, Tambourine, vocals, guitar, drums, live sound engineering, recording)
Erik Hunter (drums, percussion)
Pete Petrisko (typewriter percussion, AM radio, noisemakers, shortwave radio, metallic, dual shortwave radios, conductor)
Jocelyn Ruiz (backing vocals, clarinet, flute, melodica, washboard, percussion, keyboards, piano, toy piano, harmonica, percussion, Tibetan singing bowl)
Vic VOID (slide guitar, modified bass, Laputaphone, clangor, Sacred Staff of Sister Obela, tabela, industrial spring, primitive reeds)

WildBill AKA Omar (cajon, brushes)

OME Ensemble:
Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer (flute)
Parker Davis (electric guitar)

Cover art (1930 Zilotone) by Henry Dupuis Photo Credit: Henry Dupuis
Live performances recorded at Phoenix's The Trunk Space, Firehouse Gallery and A.R.T.S. Market

Released on 52 Street Records

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