Artist to Watch For:
KaiL Baxley
A Light That Never Dies

27/05/2-15- Song River
(Vents Magazine)

There is something about drawing from your own roots, the small towns, the life experiences, our woes, our joys, the triumphs and the troubles of our own. Whether those troubles were our own doing or created by those who were responsible for us, they are all the ingredients to stir our souls and create through storytelling the things only felt in our own complex imaginations. Musically KaiL Baxley brings his second album through Forty Below Records, “A Light That Never Dies.” Co-produced with producer/engineer Eric Corne (recording credits: Glen Campbell, Kim Deal, Lucinda Williams, and John Mayall) it is a bare bones recording, raw, oozing the analog sound with fortitude to tell the story straight with the complexities unhindered through KaiL's own style.

“A Light That Never Dies” from beginning to end drew me in and settled its hooks into my willingness to be taken. The ability KaiL has to paint imagery with spoken word set to easy guitar... I was out of the room and off somewhere in an instant. Every track releases a new emotional state of consciousness and emotive mood. When the intrigue of the harmonica releases itself you can feel it through your body, it's as if it pierces your soul. The addition of the slide, and at times a violin into the mix, created familiar old haunts. Times past came flooding back from my childhood. Stories and experiences waft down into the backwoods of the south. I could taste the heavy grit, smell the smoke from the cinder ash can burning yesterdays garbage, hear my momma calling for supper and taste what food was coming... as night birds called, and the stars danced over head... all while we rocked our souls to the front porch sounds of creations blues.

“Still Wonder” a piano interlude of layered ghosting vocals is the pause between the blues, gospel and soul, and rock... KaiL Baxley... knows who he is and what he is doing. “A Light That Never Dies” is a feast for the musical mind, the breath of a beating heart, and the storm that rages the spirit to forge its way into the blissful imagery captured in time, melody and rhythm.

KaiL Baxley has found his inspiration from his own well of living, loving, and experiences to tell his story, his music and welcome all into his world all while keeping his music true.

Mirrors of Paradise