Episode Three of Spoken Word for the Broken Nerves:
Radio DJ Devin James

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Each Wednesday's Feature will be: 
Spoken Word for the Broken Nerves- Feat. Devin James.  

Devin James started a project called "Spoken Word for the Broken Nerves."  It features poetry, and adapted songs in spoken word format caught on video.  Six episodes have been filmed so far in Portland and Seattle, and more will be coming out as the year goes on.  The poetry is based on life, and has no specific theme or subject matter.  "Anything goes, for anything prose."- Devin James

Devin James will be having a new radio show coming soon on SkyHigh Radio. Follow Devin on social media for more information.

M Matic Art

To contact or find out more information on Devin James:


Devin is a lyricists' lyricist who is ever-expanding his delivery and constantly innovating his flow stylistically. With speeds ranging from 60-160 BPM, Devin James is a beat rocker extraordinaire who plans to be the most versatile rapper his city has seen in awhile. No matter what the song subject is, Devin "Gatsby" James always brings heart to the table.

Devin is also writing verse for the Imago Theatre's (https://www.facebook.com/imagotheatre) adaptation of Beauty and the Beast called "La Belle" that will be out in December of 2015 in Portland, OR.

His recent involvement with Tim Skellenger and disc golf, has literally just happened out of the blue.  In late 2014, Devin approached Tim about recording a hip-hop anthem for him calling it "Skelly."  Tim was blown away by what he heard, and they've just wrapped production on the music video now called "FLY," debuting Zaei Apparel's (https://www.facebook.com/zaeiapparel) creator Sheree Corniel as the Director of Photography.  "FLY" showcases Oregon disc golf culture featuring Tim and local disc golfers around the Portland area.  The music video will be released in the spring/summer of 2015.

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