Hamish Anderson
Raw Blues From Australia

How is blues rock supposed to sound? Think about it. When you hear the words, “Blues Rock,” what imagery sparks the unsettled stories of life?

Aussie musician, Hamish Anderson, I wage is this unsettled American roots sound, as he is the epitome of the raw emotion of the blues birth place. The sound is drunk, skin-soaked blues. Live is his sound, blues are his passion, guitar is his 12 bar, and his lyrics are what that last bottle just set up and knocked you off your stool.

Hailing from down under, Melbourne, where electronica pulsates many notes and waves...comes this prodigious resounding blues rock of Hamish Anderson. Hailed by Guitar World as a, “phenom,” Hamish Anderson is touring North America and unleashing his wicked sounds. Without question-Australia has more to claim than a G'day, or Good on You Mate... Australia has Hamish.

20/05/2015- Song River

Interview with Australian Blues-soaked Musician: Hamish Anderson

Song: What is the current sound flowing out of Melbourne? Do you find the music scene in flux state of indie only?

Hamish: Yes, it s a funny word, Indie. Independent Artist. Music is always definitely changing and in a state of transition. Right now the word Indie is the word used.

Song: Listening to Triple M- the music sounds much like what is coming out of the states... world-wide even, does Australia mimic or do they step out and develop their own sound?

Hamish: Both sides seem to have the same thing going on. Everywhere, the electronica phase in Australia though is real popular now, same in the U.K.

Song: Is there room for something different? Do you feel we are on the brink, due to societal and political movements, to embrace a new sound, one more underground?

Hamish: People in Melbourne go to see live shows, and a lot of the sound is the electronica. Blues was born in America, there is an audience for the blue style of music in the states. I think too in Australia it will come around too, as I said always in transition.

Song: Do you find yourself reaching further to play for the corporate demands of playing the game, or do you just find yourself saying...booger it... I am playing what I like?

Hamish: Definitely independent artists can go and do what they want to do. The label doesn't play a part as strongly as they used to. Independent music is really made to last a long time, a pure kind of way instead of following a rule like it feels Pop does. Independent feels more towards the organic blues side.

Photo Credit: Juel Concepts

Song: You found your dad's vinyl collection. What did he think? Was he like oh cool my kid likes this?

Hamish: (laughed) At first he was surprised, he liked it and listened to it, so I checked it out too. I remember they had a little Japanese record player, it was in a cupboard along with the albums... Abby Road, Neil Young's Harvest....

Song: Now I understand your parents are not musically inclined. What is their profession? How did they feel about you going off and spending your time creating music?

Hamish: No, they weren't just enjoyed music. Mom was a school teacher and dad a dairy farmer. They were very supportive, as I started playing guitar at 12, they were real about it as it's a very hard path to choose.

Song: Are you a self-taught musician?

Hamish: A bit of both. My focus though was more styles. I always found myself watching the old clips, and freeze framing to listen and learn. Jazz was a big one for me. The old school. Listening to my dads music, Stones, Beatles, etc... the roots of where that came from I wanted to learn it.

Song: Inspiration, how does it come to you?

Hamish: Things happen to us all the time, I have never had to make up a story. There is always emotions to draw from in each experience, since they are real.

Song: What makes your music, Hamish, different, your own?

Hamish: The sound I pursue is live. Now probably to get that across its more about that expression of live. But that is me and the sound I wanted and got on this EP, Restless. That I would say makes it my own.

Song: Is there a part of the creation process you enjoy more?

Hamish: I just sit down with my guitar sometimes, and it flows. Sometimes, it comes outside of playing, its different each time, sporadic. No formula really, sometimes it might be the melody, words, phrase it just depends.

Song: Do you have a favorite guitar? Preference to acoustic, electric?

Hamish: I go through various phases, acoustic for writing. Electric affects different sounds and of course there are so many fantastic guitar's Martin, Fender... (to name just a couple off a very long list he named)

Song: How for you does your first EP differ from this current EP (Restless)?

Hamish: The LP feels more like I threw my music against the wall to see what would stick. I wanted to try various genres of music. The confidence though I now have in , Restless, is sound its me what I want the live sound.

Song: Talk about each one of the tracks a little:

EP tracklisting:
1. Burn
2. Shotgun
3. Little Lies
4. Restless
5. Streetlights
6. My Sweetheart, You (Live)

Hamish: 1) Burn: riff came into my head and from that point on I knew everything else would work. 2) Shotgun: Wrote in 10 minutes, it call came at once. 3) Little Lies: It's very different, more of a groove oriented. 4) Restless: Hardest one to do. 5) Streetlights: Showcasing off of First EP, done in acoustic, so it's a softer note. 6.) My Sweetheart (Live): While playing in Nashville, so it's a live track!

Song: Guitarworld recently proclaimed you  a, “Guitar Phenom!”

Hamish: (Laughed) I think it's nice, a bit good for the 'ol self-esteem, but it's too early.

Song: Two EP's, touring, when can we expect a full album release?

Hamish: End of the month planning on heading back into the studio, and hoping to release a full length album in 2016.

Song: YOU ALL HEARD THAT HERE FIRST! And we at Vents want to be kept in the know!

Hamish: (Laughed) You bet.

Song: Favorite burger? What do you like on it?

Hamish: (Laughed) Since coming here to America I think In and Out Burger has become my addiction! I love their burgers!

Song: Take note In and Out... you have a spokesperson here. Do you eat a fried egg on top of your burger or like beet root on them?

Hamish: Fried egg, yes. Beet Root, not so much. I really just like a dry burger.

(laughed) And oh a hamburger from In and Out Burger... their 'Double-Double,' I have a huge fan of that!

Song: The world is your oyster, the pearl of rock has been engraved upon your guitar... what is your drive, what are your goals?

Hamish: Longevity, that’s my main goal. Like Eric Clapton. Play good music, and be here playing good music for a life time. Always be true to your music, it shows, your fans know. And I have loved being here in America, just traveling to each city all of them are so unique to themselves. I am looking forward to playing more of my music and touring more of America.

To B.B. King- "It was the honour of a lifetime opening for him last year. His influence on my music ranges from how I hold a guitar to how I bend a note..." Hamish Anderson