Music Picks for the Week of May 15th, 2015

15/05/15- Song River  

A weekly feature choosing music from around the world: International, Stateside, Local.  Sharing a variety of sounds, genres and styles to set your curiosity into motion, and allow you to discover new music.

Supporting the independent musicians, and those who just believe music is more than just a good beat you can dance  to... It is an experience that moves one's soul! 

International Pick of the Week:

36 Crazyfists 
(Okay so they aren't international... but Alaska is a stone's throw from being so.)
Genre: Metal
Album: Time and Trauma
(Interview coming in Vents Magazine)


"If forced to describe Alaskan heavy metal unit 36 Crazyfists in just a single word, you might want to go with persistent.

Since forming 18 years ago, the band's released four records through three different labels, lost members to everything from the usual band in-fighting to fatal car crashes, and they've shared the road with the likes of Alice in Chains, Atreyu, Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Diecast, God Forbid, Walls of Jericho, and Poison the Well. They've steadily made a name for themselves and faced several ups and just as many downs. But this summer, one of Alaska's finest exports will return to the vibrant metal scene it helped forge with 'Collisions and Castaways,' the band's fifth record and first since 2008's 'The Tide and Its Takers' became 36CF's only studio offering to open in Billboard's Top 200 Chart..."
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Also Am I

Stateside Pick of the Week:

Jared & the Mill- Phoenix, Az

Genre: "Something in between"
Album: EP Life We Choose
(Performing to benefit the Phoenix Children's Hospital May 23rd)
*A special thank you from me to Insight Mgt. 

Jared & the Mill will be performing on May 23rd at the Marquee Theater to benefit the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Howdy, We are Jared & The Mill. All of us were born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and we still call it home today. When we first got started in the summer of 2011 we just wanted to play some music with our best buds, have a few shows, and have a good time. Jared and Michael had been buddies and playing music together since they were kids, and after they met up with another childhood musical duo, Josh Morin and Larry Gast III, they realized they needed a bass player, so along came Larry’s pal Chuck Morris III. Some months later, Jared ran into Gabe Hall Rodrigues, a local accordion and keys player at a coffee shop. Gabe joined, and as it goes we were soon hammering along in the local scene, playing alongside the bands of new friends and old throughout Arizona. The wheels kept turning, and before we knew it we had over two years of touring under our boots; playing in the living rooms, dive bars, venues, theaters, and even arenas of this big ol’ country of our’s alongside fellow upcoming bands, and with some of the biggest acts we had always looked up to. 
To read more about Jared & the Mill click here...

Hold On

Local Pick of the week: 

Ana Log- Phoenix, Az
Genre: According to their bio description a light tasty meal.
Album: Download Lady Killer Here


Altrock, sautéed and seasoned with driving guitar and rhythm. 
Lightly Garnished with a powerful yet supple contralto voice. No carbs.

Lady Killer

Dos Local Picks of the week!!!!

Motobunny- Los Angeles, Ca and wherever else they want.
Genre: Icona-Pop-Meets-Iggy-Pop
Album: Motobunny
(Review coming soon in Yab Yum)


A concept that formed after members of two acclaimed rock bands, The Love Me nots and The Woolly Bandits, collided sometime in 2013.  With all things in common while touring: vans, motel rooms, green rooms, etc... they performed together and a new super nova of cataclysmic rock n roll proportions was born. To read more about Motobunny click HERE

Let's Get Out

Get out to your nearest record store, or go online and get out to explore the world of music!  
Support independent record stores near you!  My independent record store pick is: Stinkweeds Records Phoenix, Az. 
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