Movie Review with Comic Book Artist
Jess Hurley

*Entertainment... our favorite pastime and one enjoyed globally. Whether it is music, ballet, art, sports, performances, or movie time we cherish our entertainment.  Recently, I caught comic book artist and owner of Cat Wants In, movie reviews blog called, "Popcorn Unhinged."  

I asked Jess if he would be interested in giving us movie updates and reviews from time to time, he agreed. 

So, get your favorite box of candy, your buttered popcorn and lets go to the movies!- Song River 

Jess Hurley is the owner of “Cat Wants In” a comic book creation team responsible for “Angelwolf” and “Dark 30”. Jess also runs the blogs “Popcorn Unhinged” which focuses on movie reviews and end of the year entertainment TOP 10 lists and “It Came Out Of The Ice” which covers mostly the Phoenix Coyotes. I am also currently working with JPools Gnerd Corner doing Podcast movie reviews for a show called “Netflix Gems”. Jess grew up in Phoenix, AZ and has a background in IT, counseling, poetry and graphic design.  

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Best Line – “If I am going to die, I am going to die historical on fury road” - Nux

Oh man. Well, just to start off and make things clear, you have to look at this MAD MAX installment like you would JAMES BOND. We have a different MAX (played by Tom Hardy) but this is another story in the MAD MAX world. So what’s different… well there is a LOT more blood and fire and action in this thing. The story centers around the character Imperator Furiosa (played by Charlize Threron apparently because the “s” factory was out of “s”es that day) who is just sick and tired of seeing the women in her jacked out community being treated like they were part of a human kennel. She doesn’t however have a concern at all for all these freaking kids in workforce slavery. Because apparently she thinks kids suck or I don’t freakin know. Maybe they couldn’t all get away in her war machine. That’s right everybody. She has a convoy and she is the driver of a bad a-s war rig. I am pretty sure Mad Max is in this movie but he almost doesn't even get as much attention as the main bad guy Immortan Joe.

All the women in this thing are just kicking all kinds of butt and it’s freaking fantastic. Nux (played by Nicholas Holt)is bizarre and apparently might be part vampire or something? Anyway he helps Max and Furiosa take on what seems to be an endless supply of dune buggy’s from hell.

In spite of a few odd plot choices, this is a hold on for the ride type of movie. There is maybe like 13 seconds of stop and talk about something and then the rest is full blown “lets kill Mad Max, chop off Furiosa’s other arm, while playing crazy drums and flaming guitars for background music” type stuff. Oddly I don’t know if this movie is quiet as good as Age Of Ultron, but if you were a fan of the older Mad Max movies, this one is probably like a birthday present for you. What a lovely day!!! 

Jess Hurley