Pushing All the Stuff Aside
Interview with Musician
Chris Cote

Mondays Interview Highlight

12/05/2015- Lily Steele

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a very talented musician named Chris Cote. Chris grew up in Texas, and spent most of his early life in pursuit of being a famous metal musician.  He was in a hair band called Ex Witness, who toured around Houston in the eighties, and made it as far as Oklahoma. Chris has always loved heavy metal music, but was never a fan of the lifestyle.  He had a pivotal moment in his life after the death of his sister Lynnie.  He made a pact with God that if he blessed him with a steady job as a painter, he would give it all up and focus his life on being the best painter he could be.  Fast forward twenty years, and he found himself being an average Joe sitting around drinking his life away with his buddies. Chris says that to a musician, being an average Joe is like a death sentence to them.  2013 was a really hard year for Chris having lost his mom, his dad and his estranged son all within a few months.  He started to see that he wanted more out of his life so he kicked the booze for his guitar.  He changed his mind about never going after his dream, pushed all doubt aside, and has been creating amazing music ever since.  With that being said, here is what he had to say about his work… 

Q. What is your favorite song off of your album?
A. Falling asleep (the Nightmare)

Q. What are you currently working on?
A. I just finished with my latest CD Guitar Storm. I am currently still searching for a band to play with. Presently I am taking a break from writing, and working on music theory. I would like to work on a Heavy Metal Album, but not Death Metal.

Q. What are you working on when you’re not creating music?
A. Listening to musical combinations that dance around in my mind. Basically I am always thinking about music.

Q. What puts you in the Zone?
A. Being on stage, with the lights hitting you, and the band behind me. Feeling the crowd and becoming a well-functioning machine as a team. To the audience, we are playing a mile a minute but time stands still for us and that’s when I know I am in the zone.

Q. What other hobbies do you have besides being a musician?
A. Cooking, I love to cook and create new culinary dishes for me and my lovely wife Trish

Q. What Musicians have you been influenced by?
·        Michael Schenker
·        George Lynch
·        Randy Rhodes
·        David Quailey
·        “The Father of all guitar players” Chet Atkins

Q. What was the first Album that you bought?
A. Pink Floyd, Dark side of the moon.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring Musicians?
A. Don’t be ashamed of the music in your head.
If a song comes to you, and you decide that you don’t like it, who are you to abort it?
And lastly, to make your dreams come true, get up and go do it!

Q. Where can we listen to your music or purchase a CD?
A. you can find me on Bandcamp, Reverbnation and Nimbit.com
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 A friend of mine asked me recently what am I most passionate about?
I have to say that I find great passion in helping inspire other people. Seeing someone’s face light up when they realize that their dream is achievable. When they spent so long believing that they were not good enough so why even bother to try? There is always going to be doubt. We can entertain those thoughts but we cannot allow the doubt become our anchor. So many of us find hold ups to stop ourselves from succeeding. But, usually when we take that leap of faith and go for it, we find that what we thought impossible just became possible. As soon as I hear a person’s idea for their potential masterpiece my brain goes crazy thinking about what would help them get closer to their goal.
The Law of Attraction is a huge passion of mine. It’s amazing how we grow up believing that you can’t just make things happen. That’s make believe they say…But if you look at almost every form of religion you will find that they all say the same thing. That if you have faith and trust in a higher power you will be rewarded with wealth and their prayers being answered. What they don’t say is that it all comes from your vibrations that we put out to the universe. Faith backed by a burning desire, and daily visualization and focusing on the feeling of your goal as if its already a reality is what manifests it. If we send out negativity we get that back and vice versa. What you think about you bring about essentially. I find that if I practice being grateful for what I already have, it allows more opportunities to come into my realm of possibilities to be grateful for. Life always seems to send you the most lovely things when you least expect it that way. As a good friend of mine says “You must be like the river and flow”…As I delve deeper into learning how to tap into a higher consciousness, I have decided to enact pay it forward Mondays to start the week off with a smile and improving someone’s day along the way. This world certainly has enough negativity, what’s wrong with spreading a little positivity and love?
Allow me to share a story that a friend told me years ago.
Two mice are hanging out in this room and every day they are brought new cheese. Then one day, the cheese stops coming. The cheese they have had for so long was gone. They were starting to starve. Then one of the mouse noticed another door that was open that wasn’t there before, and he wanted to go see what was on the other side of that door. So he tells the other mouse about the door, and the other mouse says no I am not going anywhere! They will feed me soon they always do. So the first mouse says that he doesn’t want to stay and die he’s leaving and going to the next room. Sure enough when he gets into the next room there is a big plate of cheese and a fresh bottle of water. Moral of the story is that you can stay stuck in your head and suffer. Or chose to step outside ourselves and face the fear head on and grow.:)

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