Sworn In
Interview w Tyler Dennen
The Lovers/The Devil

A powerful trip of emotion delivered in Sworn In's drive... a strength of metamorphosis in bringing emotionally charged heavy metal intuitive hardcore rock as they have changed gears in their music, lyrics, and stage presence. Art is change... never let anyone tell you anything different. This is their story and the new album The Lovers/The Devil is cutting through the tarot cards of new metal-core music.

Interview with Tyler Dennen

19/05/2015- Song River

Song: If you were to use the “modern” buzzwords to define your sound, what would it be?

Tyler: “Heavy” is pretty much all I can think of. Emotional, maybe combined with heavy instrumental.

Song: There seems to be some angst between those who have been your followers from your underground days, to where you are now with the release The Lovers/The Devil. How has it changed, your music? Or has it really changed, is it more of a development of growth? Many call it selling out...

Tyler: We changed a great deal, we used to be a lot angrier. As we grew though our music changed to fit how we are now. You have to take risks, and grow, otherwise well, you're just dead.

Song: Your 'change' is not only been your music, but your insignia and stage dress for performance. Why?

Tyler: It is what we like- as our music for us is an art, not just a business. Yes, there is the business side to everything, but our music, our packaging is an art that we first must like. There are two entities to keep separate even though they have to work together- art and business.

And did you know... that our album covers are from tarot cards? Our last one, and the insignia was the magnolia. Now even what we are wearing on stage has changed.

Song: How have your old fans been dealing with these multiple changes?

Tyler: (laughed) We've heard, “sell outs,” but we are very happy with our direction and so are many o f our old fans, and new fans. It's all good.

Song: Change is hard, overall has it been the right move you think?

Tyler: We feel, I feel, that if you're doing something you love, from your heart, then it is relatable to others.

Song: Are you all now settled in your moment of who you are as, Sworn In, or is it possible there will be more metamorphosis, as if you are an emotionally driven in your music, it could be adjusted again and again.

Tyler: There will always be change. Personally I am a huge fan of My Chemical Romance, and that is something they always did... moving forward, changing, growing... its art. 

Song: Some bands are studio bands, some are garage bands, and some can only be experienced live. Which is Sworn In and why?

Tyler: Somewhere between studio/live I would say. We are very precise at what we do. We want to be able to replicate live what we did in studio without sacrificing.

Photo Credit: Christian Napolitano
Song: Coming out of Chicago... the town of blues rock. What were some of the early influences and how did you come to your sound?

Tyler: None of the blues influenced us. As I said, I am a huge My Chemical Romance fan and Thrice is another band who influenced us. There really wasn't anyone in the area we are from creating our sound.

Song: Who is your music for? When you write it, put it to an instrument... is it for you yourselves first, or for the fans?

Tyler: Chis, our drummer, lays down the music... and I write the lyrics. It is our sound the whole band together. And that emotion defiantly comes from us first. We are just looking to have our fans take something away emotional from us as well. Whatever that emotion may be.

Song: How is the band reaching out to cross over with other bands to perform with, and what is Sworn In cultivating within itself to grow, learn, and not suffer from burnout?

Tyler: We are doing a slow evolution, taking our time. Working more with mainstream bands will come. Right now we want our music to be available to just more than airwaves.

Song: I understand you will be on tour for the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival this summer. Will you be on the whole tour? What does this festival mean to Sworn In?

Tyler: Late June we begin and there are 25 dates listed right now. We are all very excited about the tour., it is a great festival and playing with so many other bands and meeting fans- to Sworn In it's great. And oh, we would love to be on the Warped Tour!

Song: All fans like a glimpse of something personal about the musicians and bands they love. In your down time Tyler- what are some of your favorite things to do?

Tyler: Mostly write music, hangout with my friends, photography as well. Experimenting, learning about lighting in the outdoors as I develop my photography skills.