Alive Like Me
Interview w/ Jarius Kersey

Through dangers untold... by Craigslist alone... rock n roll fate gave Jarius Kersey and David Knox- their drummer (Joel Riley) and guitarist (Dakota Dufloth)  the perfect mix to create, "Alive Like Me."

Interview with Jarius Kersey of Alive Like Me
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13/06/2015- Song River

Song River: In 2013 two of you: lead vox, Jairus Kersey and bassist, David Knox placed an ad on the infamous Craigslist looking for a drummer and guitarist. How did that work out for you? 

Jarius Kersey: We were very fortunate to find Joel and Dakota! I would almost never advise anyone to start a band on Craig's list due to the mass amounts of weirdos that can be on there. But... It worked out well for us... We found two pretty awesome weirdos.

SR:As I understand it you were friends with Craig Ericson owner of "Rise Records," and the band continued to develop from there. What was formed under Rise Records to assist, Alive Like Me?

JK: We had never met Craig before the band started. We all knew of him because he is a very infamous dude. But we recorded some demos without Rise and had our producer send them to Craig. But we've definitely been fortunate to live near Portland because we get to hang out with him a lot and he's the coolest dude ever. 

SR: The band consists of the four of you: Jarius, David, Dakota and Joel... didnt you have another guitarist by the name of Brandon? Do you care to elaborate on what happened and are you looking to just keep to the four of you for now in the band?

JK: A very tragic accident happened... We were all walking down the street when out of no where Brandon was bit by a bird... We never saw him again. 

But seriously (laughed), we just had some differences. He is a great dude and we all wish him the best. 

SR: Coming out of Oregon, how much has the music scene and overall cultural “hipster” attitude influenced your direction?

JK: We want to say none. But it's impossible to really know how much your surroundings influence you. We wrote the record trying to make music that we would want to listen to. So it is possible our brains were infected by the contagious hipster disease. 

SR: The words of, “bringing listeners to a new sound,” what is this new sound? Describe what that is, and how it's being developed.

JK: Like I said we just wanted to write music for fun and when you get four unique people to write one sound it's definitely going to be new. Or, If you've ever seen Walk Hard "The Dewey Cox Story" it's a lot like the that. Still trying to get more goat noises in the mix.  

SR: Your full length studio produced album, “Only Forever,” was released last October. First of all, why not an EP to begin with, as it seems so many bands nowadays choose that route.

JK: We originally were going to self release our EP that we recorded. But when Rise Records picked us up it made more sense financially to get a full length done.

SR: You worked with producer/mixer, Dan Korneff (Pierce the Veil, SleepingSirens, Paramore), how was that?

JK: Our buddy Ryan Furlott was our producer on the album. Dan did the mixing and we actually never got to meet him. But he did a killer job!

SR: What are some of the things you have learned by creating your last album, that you might change or keep on the next one?
JK: We have learned more this year than we ever thought possible. I would just say get ready for something new! 

SR: Is songwriting for the next album already in the works? Possible titles? And time frame of release?
JK: We are always writing music. All of our demo titles are Tim and Eric references so a lot of people just wouldn't understand. We are hopefully looking at a single release after the summer.

SR: How would you describe your music, as the word “Alternative” is often such a broad term?

JK: We always just say, "Fast Paced Rock," it seems to let people know what to expect when we play it for them. 

SR: This is your second year of doing Warped Tour, correct? How was the experience last year, and what is this year looking like?
 JK: Yep that's right. Last year was absolutely insane. We had no idea what to expect and kinda got thrown to the wolves. Lots of late days and gear problems. This year we have the proper crew and gear to hopefully have a smooth run. 

SR: You've toured not only here in the states, but as well over in Europe. The first time over in Europe... what was going through your mind? How was the experience overall, and do you have a favorite country to visit?

JK: When starting the band a huge goal was to just see the world and hang out with friends. It's been the most rewarding thing ever.

Europe is such a diverse place all over the country there is so much culture. They have buildings older than our entire country, so it's easy to be amazed. 

SR: I read you want to leave a legacy behind, what is your legacy? Define its character, and development.
 JK: To show people that being true to yourself is the most important thing you can do. Show the world what you're made of and stop wasting time hiding it.

SR: Great advice Jarius!  Be fearless and take the chance 
We at Vents Magazine love to give the bands an intimate connection with their fans. Fans love to be able to relate... which one of you is the animal lover in the group, what animal is their favorite, and name, description, etc... 
JK: I'd say David specifically loves his cat. Not so much other cats. He mentions on tour how much he misses her. And it's totally adorable (grinned). 

And Joel loves dogs, you can't pass one without him mentioning it. (laughed)

Website: Alive Like Me

Youtube: Searching for Endings