Concert Review:
Mother Mother
Fairy Bones
The Pressroom

Mother Mother
Fairy Bones

03/06/2015- Song River

When a music venue strikes success with a particular event, and it is duly noted to be a sold out crowd, you know unequivocally you've placed the cherry combo of musicians together.

This past Wednesday evening after a very hot Arizona day, the Valley was entertained by two bands: Fairy Bones (A local Phoenix favorite) and by Canada's own synthpop danceable beat of, Mother Mother. A set fan base, the demographic age selector and culture fit the crowd to the music, and the chatter was uplifting positive to both bands. Several people I spoke with commented that they had driven in from other parts of Arizona and California to hear Mother Mother, and the meeting of the fans expectations became quite clear from the very first step made onto the stage. 

Opening the evening was “Fairy Bones”, a synth-bite of power house poppish-wave, as unabashedly lead singer, Chelsey Louise, sent her powerhouse vocals undulating and spinning energy. Chelsey danced, jumped and flirted her way into the hearts of the crowd, creating new fans and moving established fans to unite.

The overheard scuttle among some in attendance was they hadn't yet heard Fairy Bones, but had heard 'good things'...their anticipation was soon satiated as the band Fairy Bones always sets forth to do. Lead guitarist, Robert Ciuca, and brothers on bass and drums, Ben Foos, and Matthew Foos, are a concentrated well oiled machine, family in music and passion there in lies all of their strength.

Fairy Bones shows that they love what they create, and they are hungry and passionate to give the music world their abundant musical munchies. (“Dramabot”, is Fairy Bones latest album release).

Mother Mother,” a vocal harmonizing group out of Vancouver, British Columbia, from the onset gave the crowd their energetic motions of we are here to bring forth our latest album, “Very Good Bad Thing.” (VGBT, album number four, was released here in the states April 2014, under Def Jam records).

Lead front-man, Ryan Guldemond, complimented on either side with synth-boards in stand, Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin connected to a well established fan base. Inevitably and with predictability Ryan took his guitar, and tauntingly drove his 'tude to a more than willing audience, effortlessly the audience was captivated. As Ryan would lean his long lanky body with guitar in motion into the crowd of adoring, cheering fans and the crowd responded with as much appreciative fervor... he made his connection. Along with bassist, Jeremy Page, who kept the bottom line effortlessly, and Ali Siadat bringing his intentions upon each strike on his drums there wasn't one song played that the crowd did not sing along to and not one fan who wasn't given exactly what they desired.

Danceable overtures of '80's pop with a touch of psychedelic-glitter wave, Mother Mother related all their elements and spread their borders even further down towards Mexico way.

Total satisfaction, total elation, total completion came down and was handed over by Fairy Bones and Mother Mother. A spot on billing, as The Pressroom set an event that brought the predictability foretold to an evening of great success. 

*Dare I suggest? Mother Mother... modern day ABBA? 


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