Interview with Jared Kolesar of Jared & The Mill
Yab Yum

Jared & The Mill
06/03.2015- Song River

Music is a language that compels motion.

Place that energetic language of compelling motion and give it to your fans with the fervor you feel, that sense of gratitude to all of those who support you… and you have the central element of Jared & The Mill. Well known in many circles as a sincerely nice group of guys, I got the chance to speak with Jared Kolesar a bit after their benefit show to help the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and a commonality I found with speaking before the show with some fans in the audience was this: “They give their energy and make us feel connected.”
Connection. That’s a great place for music to begin.
Song: You've accomplished so much since 2011. In a bit under six years you have taken Jared & The Mill out of the Phoenix metro and beyond the state. Some might wonder, how? How do I carry out such a feat as well? What advice do you offer them?
Jared: It really is just about gathering a group of people who are willing to work hard for each others success. Still at this point even we haven’t taken any money into pocket, all money we’ve made has gone into touring and buying equipment, and a van, and gas, and everything it takes to run a van. We all take lessons to better understand our instrument, and we are constantly dedicating our time to bettering ourselves as a band, because that’s what it takes. Every time I think I’m pushing too hard, I consider that there are millions of people pursuing the same dream as me, and they are willing to work as hard if not harder for it. It’s all about staying motivated and hungry.

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