PopCorn UNHINGED- Movie Review with Comic Book Artist Jess Hurley

Weekend Movie Review!

*Entertainment... our favorite pastime and one enjoyed globally. Whether it is music, ballet, art, sports, performances, or movie time we cherish our entertainment.  Recently, I caught comic book artist and owner of Cat Wants In, movie reviews blog called, "Popcorn Unhinged."  

I asked Jess if he would be interested in giving us movie updates and reviews from time to time, he agreed. 

So, get your favorite box of candy, your buttered popcorn and lets go to the movies!- Song River 

Jess Hurley is the owner of “Cat Wants In” a comic book creation team responsible for “Angelwolf” and “Dark 30”. Jess also runs the blogs “Popcorn Unhinged” which focuses on movie reviews and end of the year entertainment TOP 10 lists and “It Came Out Of The Ice” which covers mostly the Phoenix Coyotes. I am also currently working with JPools Gnerd Corner doing Podcast movie reviews for a show called “Netflix Gems”. Jess grew up in Phoenix, AZ and has a background in IT, counseling, poetry and graphic design.  

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Saw this one on June 1st just after PHOENIX COMICON and to be honest I wasn’t exactly running to this flick (like a lot of the others coming out this summer). Having said that, I am a big fan of Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” ,who plays Ray, and an even bigger fan of Alexandra Daddario (PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS) who plays Blake. In this one Ray is in the middle of a divorce with his wife Emma (Carla Gugino  from SUCKERPUNCH), and his daughter Blake is about to hang out with a flaky millionaire who designs buildings named Daniel Riddick (played by the suddenly re-surfacing  Ioan Gruffudd who was once MR. FANTASTIC). Naturally Ray isn’t hot about it but he’s got crap to do and heads off to deal with an earthquake at the Hover Dam. Suddenly all hell breaks loose and now he has to save his daughter and soon to be x-wife from killer skyscrapers and looters.

Overall this movie goes much deeper emotionally than I expected. The tapestry isn’t exactly as rich as some dramas out there, but it does make you want these characters to live (unlike DEEP IMPACT and 2012 where I just didn’t really even care).  I want you to read this loud and clear. SAN ANDREAS is the best disaster flick to come out in 15 years. No, you do not need to look away from your screen. It’s a fact. With all the effort, effects and finally a decent storyline to follow there is no denying this movies pace and disaster “fun” level is very high. For the naysayers on the science part of this, all I can say is you are probably watching movies for the wrong reasons.

In my opinion, we should almost never analyze our entertainment to death comparing it to real life. If you want real life, all you need to do is walk out your door and stare for 1.5 hours.  However to entertain some of the ranting, yes in fact the world record for holding your breath under water is 22 minutes if I recall correctly. After you see the movie, you will have an idea of why that was brought up. Overall I have to give this a 5 out of 7. It will also be a lot crazier if you watch it on the big screen.