Movie Review with Comic Book Artist Jess Hurley

Spy (2015)

*Entertainment... our favorite pastime and one enjoyed globally. Whether it is music, ballet, art, sports, performances, or movie time we cherish our entertainment.  Recently, I caught comic book artist and owner of Cat Wants In, movie reviews blog called, "Popcorn Unhinged."  

I asked Jess if he would be interested in giving us movie updates and reviews from time to time, he agreed. 

So, get your favorite box of candy, your buttered popcorn and lets go to the movies!- Song River 

Jess Hurley is the owner of “Cat Wants In” a comic book creation team responsible for “Angelwolf” and “Dark 30”. Jess also runs the blogs “Popcorn Unhinged” which focuses on movie reviews and end of the year entertainment TOP 10 lists and “It Came Out Of The Ice” which covers mostly the Phoenix Coyotes. I am also currently working with JPools Gnerd Corner doing Podcast movie reviews for a show called “Netflix Gems”. Jess grew up in Phoenix, AZ and has a background in IT, counseling, poetry and graphic design.  

For more information on Jess Hurley visit: 

SPY (2015)

In this one Melissa McCarthy plays a CIA agent who never gets field assignments, but basically talks real spies through dangerous missions. Presented with an opportunity to get into the field after all the CIA’s active agents are found out, it is now time for Susan Cooper (McCarthy) to throw the freak down. Off the top I will start with the stuff I loved about this flick. 

1) The opening credit sequence was almost more James Bond than James bond. The closing credits were equally as cool and even funny at times. 2) The sound track. I didn’t expect this thing to have a solid a soundtrack as it did, but I was thoroughly impressed. 3) Rick Ford (played by Jason Statham. In spite of top billing, to be honest Statham is almost an afterthought in this movie, but the lines he does get are over the top hilarious. 4) I know there are some people that don’t like McCarthy…I don’t get that. She is extremely funny and fun to watch in this. 5) The action isn’t even close to what you would expect out of comedy, pretty great stuff.  

Now for the stuff I wasn’t so hot about. 1) Paul Feig. Yeah, I know he has directed some decent flicks, but the repeated use of the most offensive things you can ever call a woman in most of his movies is just driving me freakin nuts. Sorry, I get being crude and going for the jugular in some films (I mean have you checked out some of the stuff I review) but damn Paul, get a writer that knows something about dialog outside of the funny parts. 2) Rats, bats and mice. I thought this was funny at first, but the gag overstayed it’s welcome as did the rips on McCarthy’s outfit in one part of the movie when she probably looked her best. 3) This movie had Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Gotham, V and will be Copycat in the Deadpool movie) and managed to only fit her into less than 2 minutes of screen time. 2 minutes? Bloody hell. Someone should be arrested (kidding).

Overall this was a fun and different type of spy movie, edgy, somewhat simplistic and well crafted. In spite of the few complaints, I can see where this movie's high points should gain it a solid rating.