PopCorn UNHINGED- Movie Review with Comic Book Artist Jess Hurley
Pitch Perfect 2

Perfect Pitch

*Entertainment... our favorite pastime and one enjoyed globally. Whether it is music, ballet, art, sports, performances, or movie time we cherish our entertainment.  Recently, I caught comic book artist and owner of Cat Wants In, movie reviews blog called, "Popcorn Unhinged."  

I asked Jess if he would be interested in giving us movie updates and reviews from time to time, he agreed. 

So, get your favorite box of candy, your buttered popcorn and lets go to the movies!- Song River 

Jess Hurley is the owner of “Cat Wants In” a comic book creation team responsible for “Angelwolf” and “Dark 30”. Jess also runs the blogs “Popcorn Unhinged” which focuses on movie reviews and end of the year entertainment TOP 10 lists and “It Came Out Of The Ice” which covers mostly the Phoenix Coyotes. I am also currently working with JPools Gnerd Corner doing Podcast movie reviews for a show called “Netflix Gems”. Jess grew up in Phoenix, AZ and has a background in IT, counseling, poetry and graphic design.  

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After really liking the first one, I can’t say I wasn’t excited for this thing. In this one the Bella’s are humiliated in a performance for the President and now must win the world championships of acapella against a girl who looks a lot like Billie Piper from Dr. Who and her group from Germany (at least I think they are from Germany). Anna Kendrick (Beca) heads up the Bella’s once again but overall gets a lot of her screen time reduced in favor of Emily (played by Hailee Steinfeld) who basically takes over the role where the most plot is focused. We also get another great performance from Rebel Wilson and Birgitte Hjort Sorensen who I told you guys was simply amazing. Check out my Automata review. Having Alexis Knapp and Hana Mae Lee show up for comedic relief never hurts either. 

Overall we do get an unfortunate lack of singing in this one even to the point where Emily of the Bella’s mentions it. However overall this one just feels a bit more complete and satisfying that the first one. Lilly of the Bella’s is given probably the most interesting lines I have heard in a film of any kind…like ever. 

The most bizarre is probably mentioning (and we don’t know if she’s kidding or not) that all of her teeth are from different people. Yeah…freakin nuts. Anyway, I loved this movie and it was a great break from the big blockbusters out there this time of year. It is hard to say if they will make another one since this one kind of says it’s a swan song, but it did make over 2 times what it cost on just it’s opening weekend. Money almost always talks.  

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