What's Spinning?

What's Spinning?

Music.  Something we are surrounded by on a daily basis.  It is as much a part of who we are and maybe as important to our existence, in the realm of mental, spiritual, and physical as the food we consume for our multi-needed sources of nourishment.

I don't know about you, but I am always curious as to what other creatives enjoy listening to.  At times it broadens my horizons to check out other bands, and perhaps even find either a new one to listen to or give me a connection with someone I already think is pretty cool.

Once a month or so we will be posting some of our favorite tunes here from contributing writers.  It's our way of sharing a bit of who we are with you.

And by all means if you have an artists music list of independent and signed bands you would like to share shoot us an email with them! Give us your name, location, and a little bit about yourself. Maybe, we will add you to our What's Spinning? list too!

This month NW Artist Connection owner, Lily Steele, and Comic Book Illustrator and Movie Buff, Jess Hurley, share with us What's Spinning? in their world.

Lily Steele
NW Artist Connection
Where Artists and Communities United (425)212-7397
  • Beatles – Get By with a Little Help From My Friends

  • Vance joy- From Afar 

  • Dreams- Cranberries

  • Metallica- Orion

  •  Echosmith- Bright 

  •  Japandroids- House That Heaven Built

  •  Dropkick Murphys- Rose Tattoo

  • Flogging Molly- If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Jess Hurley
Comic Book Creator
Angel Wolf Comic



*All music, photos, and property belongs to said artists and is their sole property.