A Chat With Emarosa

Don't worry about the twists and turns it may take to get your vision and direction moving, whether it's a band or a clothing corporation... sometimes the lessons and challenges along the way is what creates what we were meant to be from the start. Emarosa has solidified itself and taken their drive to create the music, the sound, the performance, their brand of connection to their fans.

Interview with: Jordan Stewart, Bradley Walden, William Sowers, ER of Emarosa.

09/2015- Song River

Song River: Welcome to the summer heat!

Jordan Stewart: Ah, it's not our first time here, its cool. Last time we were here we climbed a mountain not too far from the university over by the Marquee Theater and ASU.

SR: Any different connections with the fans or within the band this tour?

JS: I think we have a bit better idea of what we are doing this go around. It's still the same vibe, it's still the same goals for the band and we are after them.

Bradley Walden: We are just killing it.

JS: The vibe is high. Our aim is just to keep growing constantly.

SR: I understand you're not on for the full tour of Warped. Where are you heading?

BW: We drop off Warped Tour on July 12th, out of Connecticut, and head west to play some shows with the band, Acceptance, in California to two sold out shows, then down to S. California at the Observatory, for another sold out show we are sure. Then on to other shows. We also have some new music coming up.

SR: You've had three albums out, number four... what's the feel?

William Sowers: We are writing music, not putting a label on it yet. We don't even know for sure yet.

JS: It's good to be writing a second album with Bradley. We are definitely feeling more comfortable as we get to do what we want.

SR: How are you feeling about it all Bradley?

BW: Huh? Ah, about what? Oh, this is my first Warped and I’ve been in the band for about two years now, so I don't feel like the new guy anymore. I think we have gotten past all the garbage and growing pains. I feel much that is mine as much as it is theirs now.

SR: How do you enjoy connecting with your fans?

JS: We love connecting with them at our shows. We use both social media and live, but meeting our fans at our shows. We usually do meet and greets everyday, signings everyday, you know just come up and talk to us really.

BW: It seems like the people at our shows are more familiar with our album, “Versus,” than the people online who are still caught up in the before stuff.

JS: I think whether live or online everyone is still pretty excited.

SR: The common phrase I saw on YouTube for your album, Versus, was this is EMAROSA!

BW: That is what we like.

SR: If you were to describe everything Emarosa was, and is in a board-game... what would it be?

Ernest White (ER): Mousetrap (laughed). No one really knows how to play the game, they just set it up and watch it fall down. Oh wait, you mean comparing it to us?

JS: That would have to be Family Feud! (laughed) Its other families we are feuding with.

BW: It's like 'Baby Daddy.' (laughed). Everybody is getting pregnant all the time.

JS: (laughed) None of this is real.

WS: We are all just babbling now (laughed).

SR: I think it's the heat, as this is what happens back behind the scenes. I hate to touch on the subject, but you all do seem to keep the drama out of the public. That's good.

JS: Yeah, we don't talk about it, unless there is something to say, there is no point.

BW: We are a band---- not a brand. That is the main difference. Some bands will over saturate themselves to establish themselves as a brand and that is not us.

JS: We want to tell people about shows and music, that is what we are about. The music, our music. And lastly, come open-minded... WE ARE READY TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!

BW and JS: We are hungry... its time to eat.

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