Interview with Juliet Simms

Catching up with a friend on a warm summer afternoon, to just chit chat about personal likes and dislikes, family, food, and projects is sometimes all we need. Juliet Simms is at home with herself whether she is performing on stage, sharing a story about her passion for music, cooking, or creating. She carries a confidence and an ease to just chill with. Thoughtful, intelligent, graceful and compassionate Juliet exudes a depth of letting everyone she is with know they are important to her.

A brief chat under the shade trees during the Vans Warped Tour 2015 with Juliet Simms.

07/2015- Song River

Song River: I understand that you are a huge David Bowie fan.

Juliet Simms: I am a HUGE fan of David Bowie, huge. Ziggy Stardust, Hunky Dory, Aladdin Sane all of it I just gobble it up. Its so eclectic. Each one I admire, as each one has something about it that is different than the others. Every time something new comes out, I am so excited to hear what he has created; its a whole new story, a whole new theme, a whole new kind of music. He is one of music's greatest artists of all time.

SR: Understanding that possibly the greatest key to success in this business is the ability to morph, change and create and re create... How important do you feel it is for you as an artist and a creative person to be able to do the same?

JS: An artist is always changing, an artist is always creating. So in that aspect, being an artist is being a constant change. I feel that every time I put something out new- I want it to be fresh, I want it to be different, I want to evolve. So, it is very important to change as an artist.

SR: Doing a little background research into your tattoos each one seems to have a determined purpose in mind that in some way symbolizes strength. Where did your strength and fortitude come from Juliet?

JS: (Paused) I would say a big part of it comes from my upbringing. You know I have, INCREDIBLE parents. I’ve incredibly strong parents and they instilled in me as a little girl to always follow your dreams, to never give up and to let anybody tell you- you can't do it or you weren't good enough to do it. Growing up with such a musical and supportive family I would say a lot of my confidence and my (paused) “warrior strength” so to speak. comes from my background.

SR: You mentioned musical background?

JS: (Laughed) My dad is a SICK harmonica player, very bluesy and so good. My grandpa is a jazz piano player. He's an incredible musician He has been playing in Aspen for the last 60 years, Frank Todero, he is amazing. My aunt played violin for Rod Stewart, My uncle is a bass player. My brother is one of my biggest inspirations. Growing up he can play piano, write, guitar, bass, he could record, he could produce, so growing up with him was very inspiring. He taught me a lot. If it wasn’t for him I don't know where I'd be in music.

Juliet truly believe YOU have the power! 
SR: I was reading that around the age of 8 you had said to your mom that you wanted to help people. Looking over the time that has passed you have the spirit of a humanitarian, how has that been happening for you as you've been reaching out?

JS: I would like my music to help kids. I don't want it to just be a band-aid. I feel like music can be healing. The more fans listen and it spreads, I want my music to spread that they can be original, unique... pro surviving... with my music.

Plus, doing the workshops and helping girls find their power. 

 SR: Warped Tour, Wow! If you could choose a theme song right now to describe all of this so far, what would it be?

JS: (Paused) Hmm, I think if I had to choose a band that would describe it all in that sense of feel good, summer music... it would have to be Jimmy Eat World.

SR: After Warped has concluded, are you looking at continuing to tour or possibly stopping to create a full length album? Your EP, “All or Nothing,” has been hugely successful and well received.

JS: Well it will be either one, as I would love to tour more even after Warped is finished, but I think creating the full length album for sure at the end of this year.

SR: The Italian influences are evident, which side of the family does it come from?

JS: My Mom.

SR: Okay tell us what is going home to the kitchen is like?

JS: Oh my gosh! My mom is so into cooking, she got me into cooking. She is amazing. I am like mom, you need to write a cookbook! Every time I go I always tell her, “Mom I want my Chicken Cacciatore and my Chicken in Wine Sauce, Spaghetti and Meatballs and A LOT of bread!” (laughed)

Now I’m hungry! Lets go find some food! (laughed)

SR: I hear you have a jewelry line as well Juliet, tell me about that.

Juliet spending time with Make A Wish Foundation Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

JS: I do! I have a jewelry line by the name of, “Never Take It Off.” It is one of my ways of helping and spreading hope. It started in 2011 and the message is about a concept that I came up with when I came out on Warped Tour as an acoustic artist, and the first title off my first EP was, “Never Take It Off.” So, actually my mom and I came up with this idea, and a badge of honor so to speak for the fans, a bracelet that you could tie on and make a vow or promise to yourself and it would be something you would never take off.

Then we started signing other artists on like: Andy Biersack, Kellin Quinn, Danny Worsnop, and many more. We make jewelry lines to go around them and artists as to what their message is. The whole company is really about spreading the message of hope, health, happiness... I am very proud of it. Since the company has grown, we have been able to take on help and it is amazing. The president of “Never Take It Off “ is Tommy Simms, and of course he does an incredible job.

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