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Pushing towards 2 PM in the heat of a summer afternoon while out on the Vans Warped Tour, Never Shout Never chatted with me a bit about their new album coming out, “Black Cat” on Warner Records, things that they enjoy during their downtime, and who is the “eccentric” one of the band.

Never Shout Never Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 
An easy going bunch of blokes, collectively creating some killer rock-pop music. So kick it back, put on one of their albums, and get to know a little more about Chris, Hayden, Ian and Taylor... of Never Shout Never.

06/07/2015- Song River
(Vents Magazine)

Song River: So how has it been so far on the tour?

Chris Drew: Actually so far great, it has been great.

SR: How are you holding up in the summer heat?

CD: Well, this is the first time we've stepped out of the tour bus today, the other dates have been great and we know each day always is. We just love to get out on the stage and rock it out.

SR: What are we looking for music wise coming up?

Hayden Kaiser: We are about to release our seventh album (August 7th) called “Black Cat,” we had our pre-order going on, and were spreading the word about that. Meanwhile on tour, we are playing some oldies and having a damn good time doing it.

SR: What's the sound of the new album, what does it look like?

CD: I'd say about 75% of it is pop and about 25% of it is experimental.

SR: Would you say your style then is a definite mixture of pop/experimental?

HK: This record probably more than our others.

CD: We treat each album differently.

SR: Do you then also treat the videos you create with each album differently?

Taylor MacFee: I think we go with the flow, collectively come up with an idea and do it.

SR: Who would you say is the eccentric one of the bunch and the front man? (collectively Taylor, Hayden and Ian motion towards Chris)

CD: I’m eccentric, but it depends what you mean by it. If you mean weird eccentric, no... but cool eccentric... then yes.

SR: Would you say Chris that you are the outspoken/front man of the group then?

CD: Well yes, but sometimes I do want to dig a hold and crawl into it for awhile, but most of the time it is pretty frickin fun.

SR: So you aren't an introvert off stage?

CD: No. I mean I do like to meditate and then I am quiet. It helps keep me centered and balanced.

SR: Back to the album, how is it being released?

HK: We are doing it all. CD, iTunes, Vinyl and our pre-order package was pretty killer. We wanted to hit it all. Over at Warner Records they are making us a big black cat head, you know that is like the album cover, and we are going to start wearing that around.

SR: So, you will be a big walking advertisement for merch... pretty cool. How important do you feel merch is nowadays to the industry?

CD: That is where the money is at dude. Album sales really don't make it, so most of the bands make their money off of t-shirts and stuff mostly.

SR: What do you think changed how this all works?

Ian Crawford: I would say the internet really changed it.

CD: Yeah, most people don't want to get up and go to a record store.

Never Shout Never delivers a unique style to each album they create, building and broadening their fan base because in their music... they aren't afraid of changing things up a bit. Live they aren't to be missed, as NSN is the essence of a little of center pop-rock that leaves you wanting more. Coming together to create a memorable sound, unique each time, always in creative motion, so there is something to be found in each album delivered a new twist or turn to a sound that is their sound. When NSN isn't out touring I asked them what other interests they might have. Taylor shared that he loves to go fly-fishing, Ian and Hayden both have beautiful dogs (one is a golden retriever and the other a husky) along with playing guitar, yoga and Chris's pursuits of meditation- as a collective they seem to draw on the center of balancing their passion for creating music with the lives they all lead. Look for their new album Black Cat this August 7th. A catchy experimental pop-rock flavored candy with hook of pow... hit me again!

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