Interview w/ Tatiana DeMaria
Warped Tour 2015

07/2015- Song River
(Vents Magazine Upcoming Issue)

Song River: Some people are born with a gold spoon in their mouths, Tatiana were you born with the gift to rock?

Tatiana DeMaria: (laughed) Oh I don't know about that, but I appreciate the compliment. I do know I had a propensity to yell. The first thing that the nurse said when I came out was that I should be a singer. I was yelling so much they nicknamed me Aretha... Poor Aretha. The rock part; well, season me a little angry and frustrated with some growing pains and I guess that's what cooks. 

SR: Prior to the age of 15, what were your inclinations to be or do?  Did they always seem to lean towards keeping a beat or was it that you saw or heard your world in words?

Tatiana: Depends really. I'm a sucker for lyrics, great melody and a great beat. Sometimes I'll think of a line I want to run with, a beat that sparks a whole song or just melodies I can't shake that I piece together into songs. I have a few ways of writing and love to vary how I function within the process. 

SR: While still in school Tatiana were you known as the tough punk rock kid, so don't mess with me?  Did you feel like you fit in with the others?

Tatiana:I went through phases. I was beat on when I was young at school for a very short stint until I stood up for myself when I was 3 and beat back.  I was the kid who'd beat the older bullies up for beating on my friends, so if you'd call that tough, sure. I was a tomboy. Loved the outdoors and at times was happier than others. I had my fair share of darkness and oblivion. Music kept me going, once I got hooked on punk rock and gangsta rap that was it for me. I was that kid who would always be singing my favourite songs and jamming. I didn't belong to a clique. I didn't like being pigeon-holed, so I was generally friends with anyone I thought was cool and kind and just did my best to be good to people, fair and never let a day go to waste.

SR: What was this time like for you?

Tatiana: By the time I was in my early teens I was lying about my age and promoting nightclubs in London, dancing the nights away, getting smashed, making good money to pay for my music gear and getting my friends in free. I guess I lived several lives through high school trying to live it all and not miss a beat, but music was always there and a very present direction in my heart. I'd come home from the clubs having loved the music and after school, before club, would get back to making my own - be it punk rock, hip hop or club jams.

SR: You've been able to hold the two worlds of masterful and raw together, a gift in truth.  First, is it natural for you to be able to take both worlds and keep them working together?  Second, being able to do this- have you found it beneficial in expanding many sides of fandom? Meeting the rockers, the punks, the hip hop, hard, etc...

Tatiana: Well, (paused) that is a tall compliment. Honestly, marrying the best songwriting I have in me with the most raw sentiment and honesty is where my base-line standard lies. If I don't feel I've achieved that, I feel I haven't done it right and don't love the work I'm doing. That's what I believe great songwriting to be. Raw sentiment and emotion in writing and performance, whilst writing well constructed great melodies and songs. Writing and producing in many styles I've certainly been lucky enough to work a lot of different projects. I found that rappers wanted to guest on my rock tracks because they felt it align with how they felt and the same with rock artists and hip hop so and I ended up making beats, tracks and MC-ing as a teen alongside TAT and that never stopped. Ultimately, whatever style you live in, If a song - in any style - makes you feel something, it'll pull you in. I make what I make and if people dig it, all the better.

SR: Your abilities have taken you into song writing for commercials/movies and other artists as well.  What have been some of the scores you've written, and for who? Did you do them for some of the commercials and movies as well?

Tatiana: I have performed a bunch of the work I wrote and produced for movies and commercials and some songs I've given to other artists. Some tracks I can't spill yet as they're not out, but I wrote, produced and performed the recent theme song/ jingle for 7Up, have done work with Pepsi, Universal Pictures for Blue Crush 2 to name a few. I love the challenge of getting a brief or a scene and running with it. My bottom line with writing is... if I enjoy it and I enjoy the people working on it, I do it. I have my beliefs and things I stand for, but I am also a writer in the end of the day and love experimenting with projects and styles, so if it all aligns, I'm in. 

SR: This makes your fourth Warped Tour, correct?  How has the band developed and changed with each new Warped Tour round?

Yes. The songs are now new songs off the new album which I'm excited about, still a 3 piece, but taking steps within a sonic evolution, towards a new sound which will come to fruition over the next few months into early 2016 with the new album. 

SR: Working on the second album (Title yet?) set for release in (early?) 2016... how will it be different?  Will it carry the same flavor, so fans will know that is TAT?  If your new album has shown change, or directional growth... how has it, why did you, where is it going, and what do you think will be the response? 

Tatiana: Well, all of that is to be seen really. I wrote “Soho Lights” when I was 15/16, so this album certainly has more maturity to it, stylistically and lyrically. I'm still the same person however, this is still my writing, so I imagine it will sound like an evolution and sonically on the production side, different, yes. Our fans have grown as have I, and so far have received the songs brilliantly so I'm grateful for that and look forward to delivering the album and hoping they feel it. 

SR: Tatiana is your writing the foundation to which everything else is built upon? 

Tatiana: (Without hesitation) Yes. 

SR:  Living or Passed, Tatiana who is someone you would love to perform live on stage with, and what song would you want to be singing/playing? 

Tatiana: I've been asked that question for years and honestly have never fantasized about that. I love watching those I love, I don't feel the need to be a part of it. The Clash, MJ and 2pac would be right up there, but throwing me in the mix would fuck it up, so I'd rather watch and let the fan in me take it in. 

SR: As the trio of TAT plays on... what have been some of your fondest memories as a band playing together so far? One of the weirdest or wonkiest memories of a place you performed and an incident that occurred? 

Tatiana: (laughed) There are so many! I forget them and then we get together over beers and the stories start spilling out as do the bellyaching laughs and tragedies we now laugh at. It's been a wild ride.  To keep it PC and Private friendly, I'd refer back to a time we got stuck in a blizzard on a mountain top between Colorado and Utah with no snow chains on an old beater van and heavy trailer for the night. We were sliding along the side of a cliff till we had to get towed to safety. That was wonky and a half. There was a very genuine fear of not making it out alive that night for most of us. Then of course the blow, strip clubs and hookers, but you know... what happens on the road stays on the road and all.

SR: Lastly, back home Tatiana, when you're back with family and friends from the place you come... how do you feel and relate? Are you still the same from whence you came?

Tatiana: That's a very good question. Honestly, I've tried living elsewhere - not in London, and coming home from tour has been a struggle. Relating is hard because the solid foundation isn't there. You have the text-book tour adrenaline, meeting new people, seeing new places, experiences and coming home can seem like you're slamming on the brakes and moving in slow motion. I struggle to relate when I'm trying to live in a place that doesn't stimulate me to pick up the adrenaline slack. London however, always feels like home and my family helps me relate and pick up where I left off. They're a powerful bunch of nutters, it's great. As for being the same, I think so yes. What I put out there and write about is very much me, so I don't have to shift roles and maybe it's laziness, but I can always just be me. I think being honest in my music keeps me level-headed between it all. 

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