Van's Warped Tour Behind the Scenes 2015
Mesa, Arizona

Vans Warped Tour 2015

Behind the Scenes
With Song River and O.M.

The youth grow up, evolve and change, it is inevitable and in the music industry you're either moving with the flow, or forgotten. In reality since its start back in 1995, when Kevin Lyman began the Warped Tour, the longest running music festival in North America, he created something that refused to stand still. With the sounds and drive during '95 skateboarding across the waves with punk/ska music then winding its way into captivating a whole new audience with The Black Eyed Peas, and some hip hop, towards metalcore and thrash to today’s, 2015 Vans Warped Tour, what we all have, not just the youth anymore is something iconic, a mix to contain multiple genres from all period and fan raves.

Keeping It Fresh

Each turn of Warped brings with it some nuance of change. Sometimes monumental like taking the show overseas, to something small but highly significant the addition back in 2013 when Kevin decided to let parents in with their child for free and offer “reverse daycare” for parents. These are only a few things that morph, as anyone who follows the tour around, knows each set up at each site is different on any given day. Keeping the show 'fresh' is what makes Warped a living and breathing music happening machine!

American Opera Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Danielle Most Awesome Warped Tour Media Queen! 

3 PM Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

The Relapse Symphony Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Bouncing Off the Diving Board

With many bands getting their first shot and being projected across fandom mayhem, Warped Tour, has opened so many doors for musicians bands like; My Chemical Romance, No Doubt, Katy Perry (to just name a few) placing them all solidly in the spotlight! Now tell me what band wouldn't want that kind of opportunity? Yes, the tour can be long, hot, little sleep, broken down vehicles, on the road diets, strained vocals, sore muscles, but what this is really about, the heart and crux of it is- the soul of rock n roll- bands getting to connect with their fans, making new fans and a lot of personal one on one time with their fans. PLUS, they get to hang out and meet other musicians, and one never knows what collaboration could form from a colliding of ska meets core meets hip meets pop! Think of the babies!!!!!

Bret Von Dehl O.M. JC Charles 

Grey Gordon Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Juliet Simms Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography

Kosha Dillz Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Being An Ocean Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Drama Club Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

It's All About That Mix, About That Mix, About That Mix

This years mix of music brings on some old, some new, some who can only be at certain dates/times/places and others who are on the road for the duration. With bands like: Black Veil Brides, TAT, This Wild Life, The Relapse Symphony, Alive Like Me, Kosha Dillz, Meghann Wright, Juliet Simms, Night Argent, 3 PM, American Opera, SayWeCanFly, Drama Club, Alvarez Kings, Being As An Ocean, New Years Day, Emarosa, Sumo Cyco, The Karma Killers... along with the Comedy Tent and YouTubers and lest we forget the classes that many of the musicians are offering.  Without hesitation there is something for everyone’s musical needs!

In truth, after attending multiple festivals over my lifetime- Vans Warped Tour is an experience. An experience that even in 100 plus degree weather in the middle of dirty dusty fields is worthy each year to go back for. With an organization that sees the value in music, bands, fans and the character building of connecting with worthy causes: "To Write Love on Her Arms," "Keep A Breast Foundation" and the activism involvement- Warped brings to everyone in attendance together.  Two of the coolest things I noticed were parents taking time to be involved with their children, (and the parents were enjoying themselves too), and the young people having to learn how to manage their money to buy a variety of 'merch' from their favorite bands. Good lessons, valuable and worthy? Yes, I saw and heard so with my own eyes and ears.

Ashley Purdy and O.M. Hanging Out Backstage Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Make A Wish Foundation Moment w/ Juliet Simms Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Make A Wish Foundation Moment w/ Black Veil Brides Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Make A Wish Brought  NYSSA KIKUYU To The Rock N ROLL Heights! Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Juliet Simms Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Karma Killers Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Braden Barrie of SayWeCanFly Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Tatiana from TAT Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Night Argent Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

This WildLife

Emarosa Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Can Music Really Save Lives? Probably Not the Cure All... But It Is A Darn Good Place To Start!

Music is the collective force. Bringing together all cultures, ages, social standings, and most importantly human kind. The 21st anniversary of Vans Warped Tour delivers, and each year is not to be missed. And we at Vent's Magazine salute all involved across the globe with Vans Warped Tour, but most of all we shout out APPRECIATION for all the music fans who tirelessly embrace the pulse of rock n roll.- Song River and O.M. for Vents Magazine Thanks to all of the Warped Tour Staff and Musicians for making some EPIC rock!

Never Shout Never Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography

Being As An Ocean Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

Photo Credit for all the above: CowGirlZen Photography
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