Christopher Paul Stelling November 7th

Join us in welcoming Christopher Paul Stelling to Cave Creek ROC2 Room on the Hill on Nov 7th

Christopher Paul Stelling is not alone in taking the stage with just an old guitar and the stomp of his foot. What sets him apart is an imagination that is completely his own, yielding stories that feel like parables that you slowly realize have never before been told.

“The musical storytelling of Christopher Paul Stelling embodies a long road full of lush folkloric, mythological and religious imagery.” — WNYC

“False Cities finds Stelling owning his particular pulpit with the strength of a dozen Southern Baptist preachers.” – SPIN

“His intricate finger-picking style and emotional, sometimes howling, vocals are sure to leave you awestruck.” – Miami Herald

When you see him perform, you know you are watching a true artist moving forward with intensity, focus, and direction."

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