The Half-Hour Radio Hour - A New Podcast

Guest writer: Travis Marsala

Sketch Show - To The Dogs (Episode One)
In this first ever episode of The Half-Hour Radio Hour, the crew put together a sketch show that randomly involved a lot of dogs.

Seeing as how this is the first episode, let me describe it for you. Do you remember buying old Monty Python records? Maybe you were more of the National Lampoon type? Well, we as a group missed that style of comedy, and with the advent of podcasting we realized the ability to bring strictly audio-based sketches to the masses was right at our fingertips.

Featuring the talents of Billy Jones, Cody Reiss, Erin Keif, Rich Johannsen, Harrison Lott, Adam Wynn, Elizabeth Elston and Travis Marsala. 

Special guest appearance by Adrienne Teeley.

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