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Interview w/ Jeremy DePoyster

The Devil Wears Prada w/ Jeremy DePoyster
By: Song River
Vents Magazine

Photo Credit:  Anthony Barlich

Song River: Thank you Jeremy for taking time to chat today. I know we have both had to reschedule a few times, but hey we made it.

Jeremy DePoyster: Yes, glad we finally got to make this happen.

SR: We all are products of our environment, which of course can be affected by the time period we are born in. Is there necessarily a right time though?

JD: We were a product at the right time really, and we still are. It is important to build a base. We built a base, so we are now where we are.

SR: Ten-years later.

JD: It is strange to think we are at our ten-year mark, we hadn't any goals when we started, but to write and play our music. You do not want to build a legacy though that is conflicted.

SR: Conflicted?

JD: It isn't a generation of easy- this is a hard place to work. Doing what we do isn't about backstage antics.

SR: Is creating your music more than instant gratification?

JD: If you are only focused on media attention and instant gratification, longevity won't happen. You need to prove your legacy. Otherwise what is the point, if you really don't have anything to say? Respect the art. Don't sell out.

SR: You all really did grow up on the road, didn't you?

JD: In reality that is how it is, if you want to connect when you write, play, and tour. We did grow up on the road and we want to continue to do what we do.

SR: In comparrison do you think the industry is different for Pop and Rock performers?

JD: There is such a push for pop singles, but for rock music it is different. Pop music is about the single, but for rock music it is about the whole EP or album being released. How fans nowadays interact with us really brings it all together. They want value for their dollar. They want to know their favorite bands. I see it as if they really care.

SR: That connection is important.

JD: We hang out at the venues we perform for. Stand by our bus, take photos with people and sometimes people have their stories they want to tell us, like how they may have been going through a rough patch and one of our songs helped get them through. Our connection isn't about stuff, but about the meaning of our fans.

SR: When you began as a band, “The Devil Wears Prada,” was placed under the genre of Christian MetalRock.

JD: A Christian based Metal Band. We still pray together before we perform a show, but traveling the world may have I think influenced how we understand our own faith now. We are more liberal I would say in our thinking than we were as kids.

SR: Did you ever worry about what those of faith would think and what those who weren't necessarily of any faith would think?

JD: We used to worry about it, but no not anymore. Most people who listen to our music are there to listen or purchase or follow along. It seems in music, what you believe is accepted as a part of who you are- not necessarily what you play.

SR: Listening to you newest EP release, “Space,” I immediately thought of David Bowie's space period, “Space Oddity.”

JD: Really? Andy Trick, our bass player, is a huge Bowie fan!

SR: Then when I watched the video work you are producing to go along with the tunes on the EP, it all fits together like a short film story.

JD: Mike Hranica, lead vocalist/guitar, is our writer in general. This EP was a concept to delve into and we approached it like anything else. We are so very fortunate this group is so talented. The skeleton is laid down and musically we all put it together- as we have found- we create cohesively.

SR: The translation of the music tracks really comes through in the video released so far from the EP.

JD: It is a process of translation. Visual or audio- Mike has a vision. Plus, working with some of the same people over and over is great. We asked director Casey Pierce to work with us. His vision really brought about the galactic vision we wanted and it translates the music. (Watch the video to the song “Planet A.”)

SR: The music as a whole concept gels, then the addition of the video work creates a completed story. Both auditory and visually. It all works.

JD: Thank you very much. It is a collective and cohesive work.

SR: I understand you have used the same person to do your album design and layout work too?

JD: Yes, Micah Sedmak. Last three albums, if I recall, were done by him. His work is incredible.

SR: Would you consider creating a 'whole' concept work again?

JD: Maybe we will come back to again, as we are working on new stuff now. Each song must have its own identity.

SR: On the horizon for 2016?

JD: Finish up things with this new music. New album, we wrote too many song of course (laughed), but we will go through to present the best for our fans. Tour more of course, hit the international tour scene too. We are enjoying our present, and always looking forward to the future.

*Note, the song off the Space Ep, “Alien,” is slated to be the next video produced with Casey Pierce.


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