Progressive Metal Band SOURCE Taps TANTRIC Bassist 
Scott Wilson to Produce Upcoming Full-Length Album
"Return To Nothing" Out Early 2016
Boulder, CO-native progressive metal band SOURCE is very pleased to announce that Scott Wilson, primarily recognized as bassist for chart-topping rockers Tantric, has signed on to produce their upcoming album, Return To Nothing, set to hit stores early 2016. The band headed into Colorado Sound Studios in Westminster, CO earlier this week to begin tracking.
Return To Nothing marks the band's full length debut - and in addition to six original conceptual tracks - will feature remastered versions of three songs originally featured on their first EP; "Forgiveness", "Veil of Doubt", and "The Serpent".
Producer Scott Wilson is very excited to begin working with SOURCE"The first time we met was after seeing them play live at Sunshine Studios Live in Colorado Springs when I first moved to town. So many bands go through the motions of music but with SOURCE I felt the heartbeat of their creations. Because of my production style, I knew I would feel right at home creating music we both love."
SOURCE vocalist, guitarist and composer Ben Gleason adds, "Scott has a real passion for music and self-expression. His style and influence are very in line with our vision for this album and we're stoked to see how he brings the music to life!"
Gear-wise, SOURCE is switching it up for their new album. Gleason is planning to record with a new PRS P245 semi-hollow body and a PRS Private Stock 7-string to enhance the guitar tones on the record. He plans to double the P245 with his PRS DGT. "The mixture of the solid mahogany DGT with the semi-hollow maple and mahogany of the P245 is an unbelievably balanced tone. The Private Stock 7-string is a very special custom guitar with hand selected woods and is the most perfected guitar PRS has to offer. I think this guitar will redefine the standard for7-string metal."
Return To Nothing will feature bass player Dan Crisafulli's custom Warwick with wenge and bubinga as well as Drummer Georges Octobous' DW artist series Thomas Lang all-cherry kit. Octobous will also utilize his new Paiste Reflector china cymbal along with his pre-existing arsenal of Paiste cymbals. To fill in the background of the tracks, the band will be utilizing a new Dave Smith Sequential Profit-6 synthesizer.
Check out some exclusive in-studio images below:

On Return To NothingSOURCE invites the listener to travel back to the beginning, the source of creation, to explore the beauty of humanityGleason offers, "This album is an invitation for a return to nothingness to rediscover the purpose of the human experience. It's about returning back to the Source of creation to find beauty in all the facets of humanity; both darkness and light, pleasure and pain, suffering and bliss. I want people to feel overwhelmed with gratitude for being alive after listening to this record. That is how this music makes me feel and all I want to do is share that feeling."
SOURCE is highly inspired by meditative practices and holistic ways. Formed in 2013, Ben Gleason, Dan Crisafulli and Georges Octobous create consciousness-based music through the exploration of philosophy, meditation, yoga, flotation tanks and other mindfulness practices. Their music is an expression of the sensations experienced on this planet, the profoundness of the human experience and the beauty of all that is.
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