Focusing In: Camera's & The Desire To Photograph.

Part One: 
What do I want to do and will it fit in my budget?

So you want to do some photography? Or maybe even be known as a photographer?

First decide:


Now that's a huge thing to decide right off the bat isn't it? Who cares about a category name anyway?

Seriously though, first decide what is it you're wanting to do with your camera and possible future ideas of where you'd like this interest to lead. Write down your ideas, dreams, and goals. Then determine your budget. How much can I actually afford to begin? Cameras come in all shapes, sizes, with gizmos, and budgets tailored towards the consumers needs. After all what you can afford could have some influence over where you start. 

(Be patient. Everyone has to begin somewhere).
Some of us want to climb Everest, but is that a good place to start?

Once you've a general idea of your budget and where you'd like to focus your eye upon to photograph then the next step comes!

*Next step will be posted soon! 

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You can do this! Peace, Song River of CowGirlZen Photography 

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