Concert Review: Europe Chandler, Arizona 2/2016

Concert Review by: Song River
Photography: CowGirlZen 

Europe is once again leading the countdown as they tour worldwide and they are anything but final. Their latest album released, War of Kings without question is their triumphant call to the world of rock. Europe, coming from their homeland of Stockholm, Sweden, have been delivering their brand of lethal power riffs, tight melodies, and the showmanship that lead vocalist Joey Tempest pleasing and so deliberately brings. Joey is the conduit for high-explosive dynamite as he continues to create that connection with their audience. A SUPERGROUP from the 80's who has never stopped kicking it out.

These rockers are no one hit wonders as they’ve had three platinum records, and continue to be a major commercial force in their native Sweden, as well as across Europe and the world. An amicable split occurred between 1992 and 2003 and evidently it was the time needed. Europe once again proves they are the r-n-r they've always been as they continue to record and tour today. Catch up with Europe as they bring some of their top hits like, “Carrie,” “Rock The Night,” “Open Your Heart,” and “Cherokee” all songs remembered so well by this Hard Glam Rocking Band. Plus, on this tour, Europe has brought in some of their newest tracks off their War of Kings album, you can hear, “Days of Rock 'n' Roll, “Nothin' to Ya” and, of course, their title track, “War of Kings.”

Highlights on Europe's tour show from the very onslaught they mean to take command of their stage. Joey Tempest [lead vocals/rhythm guitar], John Norum [lead & rhythm guitars/backing vocals], John Leven [bass/backing vocals], Mic Michaeli [keyboards/piano/back vocals] and Ian Haugland [drums/percussion/backing vocals] together bring their fans to a standing room only, shouting the band's praises, raising the metal sign and mad ecstasy pulsates throughout the venues. The band soars within each set as their amps give the strength of hard rock sounds to melt the powerhouse chords of Europe fans. Their set list has been meticulously compiled bringing a Prelude before the track “Last Look of Eden,” and half way through their set a cover song by the Eagles, “Desperado.” About three-fourths of the way through their set list Haugland strikes up his drum solo of, “William Tell Overture” smack in between, “Nothin' To Ya” and “Superstitious.” Their audience absolutely goes wild. Still wanting more and frontman Tempest showing no signs of being tired, Europe gives their finest performance as the evenings last delivery was given to a completely satisfied audience, it had to end with of course, “The Final Countdown.”

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