Interview with Lita Ford

Interview with Lita Ford
with Song River

With seven studio albums, one best of and one live vinyl Lita Ford has been soaring solo under the deserved title “Queen of Metal” for a long time. Who else could ever fill those shoes or should we say hard, driving, shred mistress? Lita Ford reigns. Touring this year has taken her to 10 different cities as she promotes her book, Living Like A Runaway, and soon she begins touring with Halestorm on April 1st. How does one catch up with the “Queen of Metal” when she's constantly in motion? Easy, by sliding in next to her favorite axe and meeting her time-line set.

Lita Ford
Photo Credit: Erin Williams

Song River: Hey Lita how are you doing?

Lita Ford: So sorry about all the back and forth we are just really crazy out here in New York City today, with the rain and the book tour.

SR: Well, you are doing something you love, so it is worth it!

LF: Oh yes. Absolutely.

SR: Congratulations on the book. It was a non-stop good read. It would seem that the last few pages really sum up your life in general and your journey in the music industry. You were heading for the Monsters of Rock Cruise and one thing after another kept getting in your way as you were trying to catch your transportation. Even with all the mishaps, and missed connections, there was no way you were going to stop until you reached your destination to perform. That is you really in a nutshell... full on, bull horns down, not going to quit isn't it?

LF: Yes, yes it really is. I am very focused on a daily basis and having to shift your focus to whatever it is you’re doing at the time, like if you’re going hop onto a cruise and do that, or go on a book tour, or even writing the book. It is all staying focused deliberately.

SR: After reading the book it sounded like you really had the stamp of approval from everyone involved to say what you wanted to say and to be completely honest. Because in truth that is you- you say it like it is, right?

LF: Yes it's true, very true. It's a tell-all book. I am just that kind of person.

SR: Do you find that people sometimes don't know how to deal with that?

LF: Right. It depends on too if you’re a guy or a girl. If a guy goes out every night and has sex its okay, but if a girl does it- she's a whore. It's a double-standard.

SR: Do you think the double-standards will ever be overcome?

LF: No, no I don’t think they will. It will always be a man's world, but that’s okay.

SR: You talk towards the end of your book more about the situation with your sons. How old are they now?

LF: My boys are now 18 and 14.

SR: Has anything changed with your connection with your boys since the publication of your book?

LF: No, no, unfortunately, it has been five years for me. But at times, it feels like it has been five seconds. The legal system all over the world uses the kids to rake in more money. And in the end, you end up with nothing. You've sold your home, car, everything. There are some good lawyers out there, but there job is about making money.

SR: In the end does it feel like the system works more for the criminals than it does for justice?

LF: Yes, it does and they try to justify it.

SR: For what it is worth, don’t quit trying. Your kids are always worth it. A mother's love can never be severed, no matter anyone says or does. You love them.

LF: Absolutely. I can not.

SR: Sitting listening to your album, Living Like A Runaway, and really tuning into the lyrics. These songs are the words that represent in truth your life, perspectives, challenges, and triumphs. Are these songs on this particular album really your life?

LF: It is, it really is. Living Like A Runaway really spins with everything to do with when I was married, each song written on paper, I just poured my guts out into that album, and now as well into my book. Living Like A Runaway is such a great title, and I felt like I had to take it from the album and use it for the book because it applies to the book in many ways. Not just 'living like a runaway' because I really was living like a runaway and I don't mean the band. But in some ways, it also does apply to the band at the same time.

SR: It would seem that the album and the book could be applied synonymously. They go hand in hand together?

Lita Ford
Photo Credit: Dustin Jack

LF: Yes.

SR: Lita as we are sitting here today, for just a few moments in between stops on your book tour, I would like to know if you could sit down with your mom and dad, what would you tell them right now today Lita?

LF: Oh, my, um [paused]. I think my parents are with me, I feel them. Things happen in a weird sort of way that I just feel like they are looking over me. Like the way things pan out or are planned out it's just bizarre. You couldn’t plan it out the way things happen in my life. It's like God is up there making the pieces fall together so perfectly and I think that really comes from my parents.

SR: I know you have to get going, so one final question. Life is a journey and you certainly have been on a great one. Tonight as you look out your window from where ever you are on your book tour and you see that star, your star that you prayed to so many times growing up and into adulthood, what is it you pray for Lita? What is it ultimately Lita that you want?

LF: [long pause] I want my boys back. And I know they want me too.

SR: As we have seen in the music you've created and this book you've written they both have been somewhat healing for you. So as the reigning “Queen of Metal,” when can we possibly see another album from you?

LF: Well, we have an album coming out April 15th that is an album packed full of different rock stars. It's a throwback album to the 80's that I have had on analog tape that we transferred to digital. It's a gift to the fans and to those who didn’t get to live through the 80's because they were too young. This album will be out April 15th and we will be on tour with Halestorm starting April 1st.

SR: Album title?

LF: It is called, Lita Ford's Time Capsule and it rocks BIG time!

SR: Well it has to, you are the “Queen of Metal!”

LF: [laughed] Yeah! Oh, and you can go to where you can get the book, the album Lita Ford's Time Capsule, and other merch too.

SR: Keep wailing on that guitar, take care of your vocals- because the world of rock needs you! Thank you so much for talking with me today Lita.

LF: Absolutely, I am here for the long haul!


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