Mainland Concert Review

Mainland Concert Review
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 In support of their latest release Outcast (2015), the band Mainland has been out on tour so far 2015-2016 non-stop. Supporting Atlas Genius, Marianas Trench, Melanie Martinez, and the list goes on from there. But really for lead vocalist Jordan Toft it has been an over four-year focus for him. After the loss of his father and finishing up college Toft put his nose to the grindstone and the development of Mainland has been his paved path ever since. With his bandmates, Corey Mullee (guitar/synth), Alex Pitta (bass), and Joey Sulkowski (Drums)  they are unstoppable

The sound of Mainland have been described as crisp-clean-free, yet this band hailing out of New York brings with them a sound that encompasses more of a middle American/California west coast tempo and attitude. Mainland has developed themselves along the way, found their way yet still carry a piece of who they originally were with them ever since their sidewalk song in 2011, “Occupation.” It is interesting to indulge oneself into the history of bands, as they change, grow, go off in other directions or allow life choices to either solidify or bring demise. With great surety all of Mainlands fans are extremely grateful that they have chosen to solidify, develop, and maintain their original heart and soul of sound... they just carry a bit more of a pop sound now.

Mainland arrived at the Marquee Theatre recently as they were on the last stop for the Melanie Martinez tour. Shrouded in blue lights, the band's frontman Jordan, actually seemed a bit tired. At one point his strap came off his guitar and it crashed to the floor. Smiling and with the ease of “it happens" Jordan scooped his guitar back up, 're strapped it and continued playing to their fans.  Mainland is loved without reservation.

“Fading Friends” a trippy little funk number opened up Mainland's set. Immediately the crowd reacted and began to keep time with the beat. Jordan's vocals spill his heart openly to the engaged audience as he brought Mainland's next track, “A Bit Out of Time.” Next, the protest against what the band sees came from one of Mainland's new videos they are creating, “Beggars.” This song was recorded live back in 2015 when Mainland performed on the rooftop during the opening day of jetBlue's JFK T5.  Taking a “Wheezer'isc” play, the next track bebopped the crowd into pogo bouncing along, “Not Cool As Me.” 

Mainland holds their own and their fans are increasing by leaps and bounds, along with music rags, their own peers and music snobs sitting up and taking notice. They are focused, central point taken and they keep creating good music, that crosses over. It's a sound that the rebel against the radio conglomerates love, and a sound the radio bigwigs want to put on their stations. s," Jo

As Mainland wrapped up their final song, "Outcast," Mainland's anthem song from the self-titled EP out currently. “Outcast” is a tune that every teen angst filled boy or girl gets... it's about real life and how it feels to be on the outside looking in.

Far from being an outcast, on the right track on the inside, Mainland is here. Now, we are all waiting anxiously for their first full-length album. One that ties all who they are, what they’ve created, and stand for a sound all of us can relate to. Mainland will be taking a very short break before picking back up in May and touring with the artist Rooney. Mainland brings the ease of creative-rock-stories-and they are more than ready to roll. 

Mainland- "Not As Cool As Me"