The Darkness Invades and Brings Their Glam Rock To Light Our Way!

Concert Review: The Darkness
W/Song River 
Photo: CowGirlZen
(Vents Magazine)

What the British bring to Glam Rock is oh so much for more than a “wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!” It is a cheeky, fun, rocking, at times gregariously over the top, saucy, loud, boisterous, precocious, and even a bit naughty. Glam Rock is supposed to be fun and The Darkness have been creating their brand of Brit Glam since their formation in 1999 out of the quiet spot known as Lowestoft, Suffolk England.

Lead vocalist Justin Hawkins along with his consort bassist Frankie Poullain, are joined by the more seemingly 'serious' sided band mates, Justin's brother, guitarist Dan Hawkins, and drummer Rufus Taylor together they bring the colour of awesome to The Darkness, an art form of all that spins in the rock n roll circus. Deciding it was time to cross the pond and remind all of us Yankees what Glam Rock is supposed to be... The Darkness embarked on their “Back To The USSA” tour

The Darkness recently made a stop over in Arizona and gave their top performance to a packed house over in Scottsdale at Livewire. Justin Hawkins led the foray of band mates, in his devilishly suited one piece 'marching' fashioned outfit, and Frankie quickly joined him on stage in his 1970's flowered top, polyester pants, and 'permed' like hair locks. Dan stepped on as the savvy dressed rock n roller, and somewhere behind the smoke-filled stage Rufus Taylor (son of Roger Taylor of Queen) began to keep the central system of beat flowing, pumping the arterial rock n roll motives only The Darkness can muster. 

Opening their set with their song, “Barbarian,” off the Last of Our Kind album, their fans were completely engaged and the admiration of good times rock n roll was set. Justin would take time in between songs to tell a bit of a story or relay an antidote, the problem was either the mic he was using he couldn't be heard correctly or Americans ears are no longer in tune with our mother language. Be that as it may baseball caps, or are they now affectionately only known as 'snapbacks' were exchanged between Justin and his captive audience, even one fan handed him a cowboy hat, and another young fan handing Justin his cap and Justin giving him back a guitar pick with a wicked grin.

Onward as The Darkness brought their songs, “Black Shuck,” “Roaring Waters,” “Givin' Up” and right before their tune, “One Way Ticket” Frankie walks out with a cowbell. Their audience cheered and yelled, “More Cowbell!” Frankie obliged and The Darkness presented a performance, in true merriment. Prior to their two encores, Justin yelled out to his adoring fans... “We know what song you all came for...!” The crowd went wild. In total elation the audience along with The Darkness sang, danced, jumped, laughed to “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” their number one hit off The Darkness first album, Permission To Land back in 2003.

It was a bloody good show, one that every fan will not soon forget. The Darkness really have always been a band that must be experienced, it's their energy, their rambunctiousness, their passion for making stellar rock n roll magic. That is after all what rock is supposed to be... good times, great friends, and a buzz kickin' a good time!

The Darkness are currently out on their “Back To The USSA” tour through mid-May ending in the heartland of the blues, Chicago, Illinois.