Interview with 36 Crazyfists

 w/Song River
Catching up with a band when they are out on the road is most of the time impossible due to their heavy schedules, yet much to our delight, 36 Crazyfists took some time to answer a few of my questions.
Bringing their own unique metal sound 36 Crazyfists began back in 1994 way up north, Anchorage Alaska. Now with Portland, Oregon as their home base, this band of mates continues to bring their crushing metalcore sound of nu metal and alternative metal to new heights. Following the vocals of Brock Lindow [lead vox], slashing Steve Holt [guitar], thumping Mick Whitney [bass] and smashing Kyle Baltus [drums] they have turned the name 36 Crazyfists (named after a Jackie Chan movie “36 Crazy Fists”) a sound well-known in the world of metal into a spreading spin outside their genre. On tour currently, lead singer Lindow stated that, "We've always just kind of stayed under the radar,"  however on tour currently with a line-up that has their good friends Killswitch Engage, Memphis May Fire and Toothgrinder all melting the metal 36 is more than just beating crazy fists... they have shown they have moxie, longevity and are more than ready to continue another 20 or more years!  Be listening for their new album announcement and come December 2016 get ready to celebrate 22 years with 36 Crazyfists!

Song River: Hey 36 Crazyfists, how are you all doing? It has almost been a year since we spoke and I thought it was time to catch up!

36 Crazyfists: Doing good thanks!

SR: You are out on the road right now with Killswitch Engage, Memphis May Fire, and Toothgrinder. How has the tour been so far?

36: It's been a really fun run with great friends, perfect way for us to end our touring cycle.

SR: Tell me how did this combination come together for this tour?

36: Killswitch Engage have been our dear friends for many years and we had been trying to line each other's schedules for a bit and it just happened to work out for this run and we are extremely grateful they brought us back out with them.

SR: I had a chance actually to catch you all out on tour, curious how do the set times for band lineups usually happen? Is it a flip of the coin as to who goes on first, second, third etc?

36: Well, I'm not totally sure but usually you just know who will be opening and who will be supporting over each other.

SR: What do you find that you prefer shorter tours with a variety of co-headliners, or one set for an extended period of time?

36: I like the longer full package ones when you are with great friends.

SR: Covers aren't something you are really known for, are they?

36: Well, we have done a few for B sides over the years but actually releasing one like we just did in a single format is a first time for us.

SR: You all chose the pop hit, "Renegades" to do your own style on. Why that song?

36: It was outside our normal realm and it was suggested to us by our AR guy at Spinefarm. We hadn't heard of the band or the song before but it was fun to do and put our little stamp on it.

SR: After you finished putting your unique sound to it, did it kind of blow your mind how it turned out? 

36: Yeah a bit, we didn't realize how fun it would be to do it and it really was a good time.

SR: Have any of the members of X Ambassadors had a chance to check it out, if so, what did they think?

36: I have no clue, to be honest.

SR: How is the new album coming along?

36: Good, we are getting closer to finishing the writing and it's exciting to have a new collection of songs

SR: Any working title?

36: (laughed) NOPE!

SR: How about a release date (approx).

36: Not really sure. Maybe June, or early next year.

SR: What can 36 Crazyfists fans expect out of your next masterpiece?

36: Well hopefully another batch of jams that our people will get behind, we turn 22 in December so we are surely grateful to all our fans for keeping us afloat for all this time.