Interview with Reckless Serenade

Interview with Reckless Serenade currently out on Vans Warped Tour.
With Song River

Reckless Serenade  have created their own unique pop/punk sound as these band mates connected way back in their high school days to create Reckless Serenade. Having recently signed with InVogue Records, they debuted on June 17th their EP, Strange Soul. Vocalist Cory Brent says, "Strange Soul is something we're all extremely proud of. These are the 6 strongest songs we have ever written, by far, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with everyone. This EP speaks of coming to terms with your anxieties, learning to trust and love yourself, and maybe most importantly, finding ways to embrace all of the unique qualities that make up your own Strange Soul."

In between their album release and preparing for Warped Tour guitarist Mark Neidhardt and vocalist Cory Brent from Reckless Serenade chatted with me.

Song River: First off congratulations on your signing this year with InVogue Records. How did it all come about?

Mark Neidhardt: Thank you! We started writing this EP with the intention of getting signed so we’re super thankful that it was able to happen. We had been flirting with InVogue for a little while and we felt that they’d be the best fit for us right now. 

SR: What made you all decide it was time to sign and go this direction?

MN: We wrote this EP with the intention of pushing it to labels and we really liked that InVogue is trying to get more involved in the scene that we're in and that they'll be on all of Warped Tour with us to help promote our new EP.

SR: You're listed as a pop/punk/indie band... yet you definitely have a clearly defined sound that isn't like your peers. It feels like this new album Strange Soul is taking you as a band in another direction of sound?

MN: We feel like we always write songs that we like and want to hear and it's a very natural process. We don't want to sound like any band in particular we're just going to write whatever we think is cool at the time.
I think this is definitely our strongest material and as a band who's gone through the past 3 years without a solidified line up, I think we've finally found a home in the 5 guys that are in the band now. 

SR: Lyrically and visually you kind of like messing with your listeners don't you?

Cory Brent: We definitely do, we've never been afraid to write outside of our genre! We like writing with enough variability that a listener can think we're going to have a certain sound across the board, and then the next song could totally change their perception of us. Gotta keep them on their toes!

SR: There seems to be the seriousness to what you are writing and singing, but looking at previous cover art and the tones of some the video work. pop-culture and a period of time maybe 40's-50's comes through.

MN: We like to be ourselves as much as possible so sometimes we're serious and sometimes we like to joke around just like everyone else.

SR: The track, “Fools Gold” off your forth coming album, Strange Soul has a 'old school' sound to it.

CB: Sick! Thanks, I could see it sort of being a throw back to some older pop punk.

 SR: Looking at your 'bio' picture on your site... are you all comfortable in your presentation?
We all like putting our own twist on what we hear to our visual representation. Yet, as  I listened first to your music, prior to seeing your website bio photo, the image I had wasn't of this clean all-American dudes in my head!
And freak the guitar work??? That belongs to someone with black long hair that swoops from one side of the head and dark eyeliner! 

CB:(laughed) We're definitely comfortable with our presentation! I think our music is so different from song to song that I think it'd be a disservice to paint ourselves in a specific light.

SR: Vocally Cory you hail. Who are some of the bands you grew up listening to that influenced your own personal vocal development?

CB: Thanks! I grew up listening to a lot of different bands. I think my largest vocal influence to date has been Gerard Way. He's so theatrical and has a raw energy to his voice that is totally unmatched.

SR: Gearing up for an album release just prior really to hitting the road on Vans Warped Tour... timing?

MN: Once we found out we were on Warped Tour we knew we wanted to have some kind of new release whether it be a just a couple songs or an EP.
We're stoked to be having our EP release show right before we leave for Warped because it's almost like a going away party where we can see all our friends and family before we hit the road for the road for the summer. 

SR: Who did you work with on this album?

MN: We worked with Rob Freeman again at his studio  Audio Pilot Studios on this one. Rob did our last EP Out Here and it was great to go back to a place we were already familiar with. 

SR: What were some of the most profound strengths you all really felt collectively that came out in the process?

MN: I think right off the bat having already worked with Rob in the past made the recording process a lot easier. It felt like we were picking up right where we left off with Out Here but with better songs and a lot more time. 
From a band standpoint Cory, Matt, and I have been the only consistent band members for the past 3 years so we're very comfortable working with each other and with the addition of our new bassist (Will Prinzi) and lead guitar player (Rob Crews) they immediately fit right in and we really had some great teamwork throughout the writing and recording process. 

SR: Packing for a long hot summer of fun, music, fans, fast food, and just ultimate coolness... what are you all looking most forward to as you venture out into the big ol world with Strange Soul and taking it to the stages of Warped across America?

MN: I'm most stoked to just be in a festival atmosphere for the whole summer. I loved going to warped tour so the thought of getting to go to every single date and play is a dream come true. There's not a huge music scene really where we're from so I'm also looking forward to just being surrounded by other bands and musicians. 

Make sure you catch Reckless Serenade out on this years Vans Warped Tour!

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