Andy Black on Tour

Andy Black: The Homecoming Tour 2016

Andy Black Concert Review
Nile Theatre
Mesa, Arizona
with Song River and OM Henderson
Photo Credit: CowGirlZen Photography 

The key to success comes by taking the time to create and develop differently from what was done before and  frontman Andy Biersack of the rock band Black Veil Brides has shown his progression. A determined, and concise presentation of who he is was clearly evident to his public audience. This other side of Andy Biersack, known as, Andy Black was a revealing part of Andy's character and musical growth.  As if this man hasn’t created a name for himself between his earlier stage name of “Andy Sixx” and his birth given name “Andy Biersack” already, Biersack has now presented himself before the stage as Andy BLACK.

After a gorgeous long-awaited wedding to his long-time companion, singer and entrepreneur Juliet Simms back in April, Andy Black released his first solo full-length album The Shadow Side in early May. Kicking it all off with a UK tour just a couple of days after the album’s release then returning to the states in late May. Fans were anxiously awaiting his arrival and it seemed to many the date of July 1st couldn’t come quick enough for The Nile Theatre in Mesa, Arizona.

Luckily for Arizona that night, the heat stayed below the triple digits. However, humidity decided to come along to the show and the crowd escalated the fervor for their hero with their passion, sweat, cheers, singing along and fist pumping. The Nile was a wall to wall  packed house and the merchandise lines in the back of the venue were unrelenting long and winding throughout the entire night. These fans laid down their bucks for Andy Black merch!

Finally, the lights dimmed and the singer, surround on either side by drummer “Beau” and  guitarist-keyboardist “Josh,” (as we never were told what their real last names were) started his show. On cue, Black came out straight to the microphone and began the lyrics to the track “Stay Alive” which features Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio on the record (Andy Black claims he has been a huge influence on his music career). Following right through, Black and the band jumped into “Ribcage,” the dance track of The Shadow Side. After these first two songs, Black paused to talk with the audience, discussing humorous media rumors and offering continuous praises to his tour crew, band and of course, the fans themselves.

Anybody who has attended a previous Black Veil Brides show recognizes Biersack’s admiration for the famous 80s rocker Billy Idol as the band is famously known to cover Idol’s “Rebel Yell” on stage. So, to stir things up a bit and continue his tribute to another enormous influence upon his career, Black throws out a cover of “Dancing With Myself” originally by Idol; a massive hit among the parents in the crowd along with a good majority of the younger crowd.

As the set continued, Black took the time to discuss a common occurrence he finds while out on tour and even on social media: “If you are a child, or fall under the child category, please stop shouting weird sexual things at me. It makes me very uncomfortable and I really want to keep my shows, whether it’s with Andy Black or Black Veil Brides, family friendly. Thank you.” Yes, despite that some of us may feel strongly about this man’s hair, voice, or dress, it is time to tone it down and keep it respectful. A valid point that crosses both sides- fans and bands.

Soon, the show came to a slower speed and Black performed “Beautiful Pain” which he dedicated to his close friend Chris Holley, who passed away in mid-2015. Holley was also a part of the BVB crew as he worked as the guitar engineer out on tour for a time.

Other fan favorites such as “Louder Than Your Love” (featuring Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance), “Put The Gun Down” and “Paint It Black” were also included in the set. Unable to completely separate himself from his ten-year-old band, Black performed a track off of Black Veil Brides’ sophomore album Set The World On Fire. “Saviour” is a song that Black describes as a “love letter” dedicated to Black Veil Bride’s devoted fan base: the BVB Army.

Too soon as always, every show must come to an end. For those who keep tabs on the man, it’s fairly known that the Andy Black project wasn’t just born yesterday. Back in May of 2014, Black released his first product: “They Don’t Need To Understand.” A perfect way to wrap up the night as an ultimate fan favorite as this music video featured clips of Black growing up; performing in his old bedroom, playing his guitars and singing with his favorite MisFits makeup on.

Finally, the encore arrived. Coming back on the stage Black paused for a moment before performing the real finale. “You know, it’s actually really funny,” he starts. “Out of all the things the media likes to criticize about artists, you never hear them talk about the fact that I just lied to you. I just told you the previous song was the last song of the night; I lied, and then came back out to perform the actual last one.” The crowd laughed along with Black, clearly giving him forgiveness without a second thought as we would towards any of our favorite artists. With a whiplash smile and a bright gleam in his eye, the encore kicked in: “We Don’t Have To Dance.” The upbeat dance track flooded the veins of each soul in the room and as Black sung out the lyrics he and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy had created about the things they both hate, there truly was not a higher point anybody in the building could reach than in that given moment.

For those who have not been able to attend Black’s show, be sure to look out for tickets as he plans to hit Mexico,  Japan, and Australia in August and September. Grab your tickets over at as this is a night nobody will want to miss.

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