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Intimate Chat with Juliet Simms

Interview: Juliet Simms
With Song River

Touring, a puppy, two kitties, recording, new album, merchandising, marriage... what is it about Juliet Simms Biersack that we love? How about everything! At the heart of this rock n roll entrepreneur lies the tenacity to keep on driving her own vehicle of passion for her music, her business Never Take It Off, and her forthcoming album, From the Grave. Juliet truly is a leader among today's generation. Carrying the torch that success comes in waves and in the beat of always moving forward- and never be afraid of failure.

Song River: Juliet it has almost been a year since we first chatted on the road with Warped. You have had one busy year!

First of all congratulations to both you and Andy on your marriage. How long was your engagement and can you share how the proposal came about?

Juliet: We knew from the minute that we met that we were meant to be together and we always hoped to be married and to have a wonderful ceremony like we did. Andy proposed to me in New York in the same location that we first told each other that we loved one another. It was very romantic and exciting and like I said, I just knew! 

SR:  Was it a surprise to you?  

Juliet: Any time the person you love does something romantic for you and puts a lot of effort and time into it it's always exciting but it wasn't a complete surprise because we do loving stuff for one another all the time and like I said it was just a foregone conclusion in both of our minds that it was meant to be. 

SR: Has married life really even changed what you both have that much? 

Juliet: Honestly not really, the biggest change is just that we are both older, wiser and better people than we are when we first met. I am so proud and happy to call him my husband and I know he feels the same way. As far as a "change" maybe just getting butterflies that we get to call one another "husband" and “wife.”

SR: Who was your dress designer?

Juliet: A Haute Couture designer by the name of Galia Lahav. My dress was from the Les Reves Bohemians collection and the name the dress goes by is Aria. The dress was made per my exact measurements and I even got to add a few things to make it extra special! Dream dress!;) Galia Lahav also surprised me and took the time to embroider Andy and I's initials into the veil with Swarovski crystals <3 b="">

SR: Any particular moment during that special day that just really stands out as a moment to remember?

Juliet: Well, the vows I would say, I didn’t think we’d both cry. The thought, heart, truth, and love put into the vows we wrote for each other will never be forgotten or broken and it was a pure moment for us. Also, our first dance was to Kiss’s “Forever” Andy lip synching on his knees to me will NEVER be forgotten... I think our guests would say the same! (laughed)

SR: So much can happen in a year's time. I understand you are working on a new EP release, called, From The Grave?

Juliet: Yes it's been a busy but really cool year so far! I am putting out a collection of material (some of which was recorded during the All or Nothing sessions) that are songs that have been close to my heart but were never properly released. Many of them are demos and rough tracks but they are all special and I feel like they deserve to be heard. The title "From the Grave" is indicative of that idea that these are unearthed rarities and previously unheard b-sides.

SR: What can we be looking for as far as sound on this album in comparison to the last one, All Or Nothing? 

Juliet: Given the nature of this EP it's obviously different from AON but the through line is always my personal style and lyrical message. There are songs about triumph, loss and love and there are also some rock and roll anthems. All in all, I feel someone who has been a fan of my records will find a lot to sing along to here. 

SR: When is the probable release date and will you be heading out on tour then to support this album?

Juliet: Because this isn't a proper LP release I won't be touring in support of it as of now, however, I am aiming to make a full-length record in the near future and will eventually get back out on the road! I love singing for people and feeling that connection and it's definitely not something I'm ready to eliminate from my life as an artist.

SR: Can fans expect a single/video release prior to the EP's release?

Juliet: Yes, in the coming weeks I will be putting out a single for the song "Phoenix" with a lyric video!

SR: Touring life is hard when it is just you and your bandmates. How now as a married person do you think you will handle both of your passionate pursuits?  

Juliet: Well it's always tough when you are apart from the one you love but we have been fortunate that we often get to tour together on summer festival runs. It's never easy to spend time away from each other but we understand that we are both artists and it's important to our lives.

SR: Supporting one another is paramount, but finding the balance is the most important aspect. Any advice you can pass on to help others who might find themselves walking both worlds in this industry?

Juliet: Yes, be understanding, honest, tons of communication, don’t play games and just simply support. Even when it means the light won’t be on you. Try and lift each other up always.

​SR: Some fans may not realize the amount of time and energy you have put into what you love.  The band Automatic Loveletter, labels, finding your connection with Founder Kevin Lyman of Warped Tour - you have shown the world over and over again that YOU are (would you say brave, a dreamer, a bit daft, stubborn, tenacious, get the hell out of my way, passionate about your music) or a combination of all the aforementioned? What kept your dream alive?

Juliet: One of the hardest things about cultivating and then maintaining a career as an artist is to connect with your audience and maintain that connection over the course of many years. As time goes by people's interests change and I can say that I have been so fortunate that so many fans around the world have stayed true and devoted and have followed me through different creative journeys and styles. I am someone I would describe as kind hearted by tenacious. I love my family, friend, and fans but I know what I want in this life and I won't stop working until I get it…so kinda stubborn at times too.

SR: Nothing we love comes easy, I think that is what makes us at times have a love/hate relationship with it.  Why is it in your words Juliet  this need you have to express yourself through your lyrics and music? 

Juliet: Since I was a little girl it has always been my biggest passion to sing and to write. It means the world to me and it is a gift that has given me so much. I don't know where I'd be or who I would be if I hadn't learned to sing and helped informed who I became as an adult and because of that no matter how tough times can get its something that I will always be passionate about. 

SR: Rock n Roll at times still seems like a very male driven entity. Whether it's the musicians, the writers, the photographer, the PR, the management, etc... however we are seeing an influx of females rising in all facets and it is creating I believe a shift in the industry. What are your observations Juliet from where you sit?

Juliet: I see the same! It’s inspiring, its strength, it’s woman and I LOVE it! 

SR: Best piece advice you can give young musicians starting out.

Juliet: Never be afraid to fail. One of the biggest difficulties people face in this life is the often overwhelming sense of rejection that can be faced when putting yourself "out there" so to speak. If you are tough and love what you are doing you can achieve anything. 

SR: You are a true entrepreneur. Share a bit about any updates  you have in the works with your company "Never Take It Off.” 

Juliet: We are partnering up with TEI (The Entertainment Institute) this summer on the Vans Warped Tour so that’s exciting! We’re constantly signing new artists with great messages to give to their fans! It’s such a passion of mine to help people in their lives and I believe wholeheartedly that, that is what this company does. 

SR: And last time we spoke at Warped 2015 we both shared our love for Italian food and family.  If I recall wasn't meatballs and manicotti on our lists of favorites? Share one of your favorite recipes that have been a family favorite at your folks home since you were a kid.

Juliet: Chicken, olives and artichokes we call it, and if I gave you the recipe I’d have to kill you...before my mom killed me! (laughed)

SR: Finally, how are your dog, Daredevil and the two kitties, Femme and Crow doing?

Juliet: They’re amazing!! Driving us crazy in the happiest way possible! (laughed) All three have such outstanding personalities! It’s quite a bunch in our home. <3 font="">

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