A New Kind of Music Label: CANNONBALL.Rocks

Immediate Release

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Bringing you the new music label: CANNONBALL.Rocks 

Welcome to CANNONBALL.Rocks! We are a different kind of record label, we are an internet Recording Label (iRL), a concept put into place by founder and CEO of CANNONBALL.RocksMusic Label, Ludek Zdrubecky. Founded in 2016 and having already brought in several bands Ludek soon discovered many independent artists were looking for a label where they would remain the owner of their music, retain their copyrights and have control over their master recordings. CANNONBALL.Rocks is the place where the bands 'just make their music.'
Designing a label that is 21st Century in orientation CANNONBALL.Rocks is set up to where each band/musician has their own 'mini-website' where they can place their news, photos, music videos, album artwork, mp3 files, FLAC files, lyrics, graphics and merchandise. Plus they are able to sell their music right from their own site by download directly to their fans.
CANNONBALL.Rocks works closely with their bands to help independent musicians in their process of recording and distribution of all their products. However the main focus is to keep as much money in the pockets of the bands/musicians they represent. For more information please contact: Ludek Zdrubecky at ludek@1000wth.com.

CANNONBALL.Rocks current artist roster:

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