For Immediate Release: Rebels Over Flames

For Immediate Release
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Debut EP Due out come November!
Blair Witch In My Backyard a total of six original tracks!

Rebels Over Flames comes from the heart of New York, where the sounds of metal hits the rock and ignites. Founded in early 2015 by lead vocalist Bam Garrido the band has had its line-up changes along the way. With the solidification of their current band taking hold, the focus and drive of what Rebels Over Flames has created seals what they have just begun and their roots are far reaching.
Cutting the edge of where old school meets the 21st Century metal sound Rebels Over Flames has created a variant merge between original Black Sabbath to the early days of Escape The Fate, yet with their ability to take the heavy modern metal sounds to both the English and Spanish speaking worlds this has spawned a fan base that is open and diverse making Rebels Over Flames so unique in the universe of metaldom.
The current band line-up is nothing short of strong empowered metal rock. This is the sound, their own brand of metal, this is Rebels Over Flames. 

Rebels Over Flames
Hard Rock/Metal/Metalcore

Lead Vocals: Bam Garrido
Guitars/backing vocals: Johnny 6
Guitars: Zimmy Zee
Bass: Christ Mas
Drums: E3


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