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Not A Planet Stream New EP Early

Smoke Bombs & Cigarettes: The History of Now out 9/9
Indie rock quartet Not A Planet will release their new EP Smoke Bombs & Cigarettes: The History of Now on September 9th, but has partnered with to stream the entire release early.
"'We set out make a record that represents us well as a band that tours often and works hard to perfect the live performance of our music," says vocalist Nathan Corsi. "Our songs took on diverse themes and intricate arrangements building upon motifs and ideas from our first album, but taking a more classic approach to the recording process. Making this EP was like lightning in a bottle, a rare circumstance where the spirit and energy of each song was captured. We are ecstatic to finally share our new creation with the world."
Smoke Bombs & Cigarettes: The History of Now was produced by Jacob Bunton and engineered by Jason Elgin, with mastering by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Muse, Dr Dog). The EP is the band's sophomore release and follows up 2013's The Few, The Proud, The Strange LP. Pre-orders are available now at the band's website and fans that sign-up for the mailing list will receive a free download of the first single "Tell the Truth."
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1. The Feeling
2. Tell The Truth
3. You When I Wake Up
4. The World We Know
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IMG 5846
CREDIT: Colt Coan
About Not A Planet:
Every day, Not A Planet is hustling.
In a circuitous route, Nathan Corsi, an Akron, Ohioan, made his way to Kansas City after a featured role in a year-long documentary about life as a busker in New York. It wasn’t long before Nathan and Liam Sumnicht, drummer native to KC, who love each other very much, made a rock and roll baby together, and named it "Not A Planet". A rotating cast of bass players tagged in and out alongside the duo on national tours and local shows for years, but in 2012, William Sturges enlisted as a permanent player. They toured extensively as a trio until 2015, and during that time, put out the NapSack EP and The Few, The Proud, The Strange LP. Their music won local and national awards, and earned fans from all over the world. Accompanying Not A Planet since mid-2015, Nathan Showalter is touring with the band, with keys and harmonies that fill out further the already lush sound.
New music from the Not A Planet EP Smoke Bombs and Cigarettes, is being released late summer, with the first single "Tell The Truth" streaming now.
Undeniably fervent performances, bristling harmonies and catchy-as-fuck rock and roll songs are the Not A Planet signature.