Interview with: Palaye Royale

Interview with: Palaye Royale: 
Emerson Barret (EB) - Drummer; Sebastian Danzig (SD) - Guitarist; Remington Leith (RL) - Lead Singer
With OM

OM: Personally, being a follower of Palaye Royale, and watching the band while on Warped Tour 2016, there seems to be this big explosion or jump for the band’s audience. Would you agree?

RL: Wow. You know what, I actually don’t think it’s hit us exactly. We have definitely noticed more people out in the crowd while performing, but I don’t think the increase of social media following or spread of word has exactly hit us yet. Either way, it’s amazing and we appreciate every single person out there!

EB: I think one thing that has definitely helped us is that we’re being truthful in what we’re doing: straight rock ‘n’ roll with punk and blues, etc. I believe it’s something people like that is honestly coming from us.

OM: Would the artistic side also be a bonus to the attraction?

SD: Sure! If it captures the attention- cool!

OM: On that note, how does your individual creativity apply to the band, music, everything that comes with Palaye Royale?

EB: Well, the whole philosophy of the band is fashion and art, and music just goes hand-in-hand with it all. It’s just a cultural thing, it seems to be. But as artists, we have always felt that art is what you want to say with it.
When we put together our album, I had done 15 hand-written lyrics that came with the album. So in tying personal touches like that, we want it to show that we meant everything, which in that case, we meant every lyric we wrote and spoke.

OM: Now that definitely helps and goes hand-in-hand with you guys being true, as mentioned earlier.

SD: Absolutely. I mean, all we do is obsess over music. Whether it be working on ours or listening to others.

RL: Occasionally, we do act like dinosaurs, but y’know. [laughs]

SD: Off tour, we’re actually dinosaurs/astronauts.

OM: I’m sure you have been asked multiple times previously, but how was it working with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens with the song “Ma Cherie”?

EB: Well, he’s a heartthrob. We were totally honored that he joined us on our record.

SD: Yeah, he had reached out about a year ago and he said that he really enjoyed our music. So, he was asking if we could meet up one day, so he could officially meet us face-to-face. Fast forward, we met down in L.A. over at The Troubadour when they [Sleeping With Sirens] were doing their acoustic tour and it kinda just grew into this organic friendship between us and him.
Later on, he wanted to hear some of the music off the new record, so we sent him over like three or four songs, one of them being “Ma Cherie,” and apparently, he really loved it and wanted to be a part of it with us.
He has been an incredible support for our band and we could not be more thankful.

RL: It’s a little secret that Kellin’s a sweetheart and I need the world to know that.

OM: What’s the possibility of Sleeping With Sirens and Palaye Royale joining the stage together one day?

EB: That’s their decision. [chuckles]

RL: We would absolutely love it one day. We love those dudes!

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