Ice Nine Kills The Theatrics of It All.

Ice Nine Kills Interview with Justin Morrow (bassist)
With Song River/OM

Something perhaps wicked this way comes... What is it Justin Morrow, bassist, shares with us about Ice Nine Kills that makes you think for a moment that this is where Tim Burton met with My Chemical Romance and became the sound of the 21st Century? Step into the hallway and find out. 

Song River/OM: You are back out on tour, plus you finished up Warped this year. How was that?

Justin Morrow: Really, really great. It was a fantastic tour. We did it a couple of years ago and that was great but it was more hit or miss for us two years ago. This time though virtually everyday has been great which is what every band wants. I would say that this is really the first time we have really seen a lot of band growth.

Song River/OM: It was definitely something that was noticeable throughout this past year. The name Ice Nine Kills came up a ton among music listeners.

Justin Morrow: I think our last record had a lot to do with that. We did a concept record, something a little bit different called, Every Trick in the Book. It opened up what we now see and what our future holds for us. We are very excited.

Song River/OM: How did you approach this concept album?

Justin Morrow: The way it all came together was after our last record we went into the studio to do just a single, “Me, Myself, and Hyde” and we really didn't know what we were going to do with it or about.  

Spencer Charnas (lead vocals) thought it sounded schizophrenic vibe to it. So he decided let's do it about Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, lets just do it. We did it and when were done we were like wow this different than anything we've ever done. We wondered what people were going to think. We put it and people loved it! So we went and chose out some books and stories we loved and made the music kind of fit the theme of the story.

We incorporated a lot of string and orchestration with this, with the theme it just seemed like it needed it. The more theatrical, almost over the top kind of thing to go with the stories. I think if you ask anyone in the band we all love it. We feel we have found our sound and direction. Going forward with more of the theatrical ideas.

Song River/OM: How do you want to go about bringing that essence through on stage and live performance?

Justin Morrow: Obviously what you wear, and stage props (laughed) we've been called a 'spooky' band. People always tell me I make creepy weird faces (laughed) which I do, it just happens. Actually the other day somebody said we were 'Tim Burton Metal.' Which I LOVE! It is all the theatrical and dark, it's great.

Song River/OM: What does your audience in age demographics look like?

Justin Morrow: You know we have always had a mixed bag of ages. We have a lot of young fans but we have people I know that are older than us come and see us. I know a lot of parents like us that bring their kids to see us. It's a very diverse crowd. Of course we have our regulars who come and we certainly always remember them.

Song River/OM: Curious noticing you have tattoo work. Are you more spontaneous about your tattoo art or carefully planned out?

Justin Morrow: When I was younger spontaneous for sure, but now I am 28 and I've been getting tattooed for ten years I am kind of done with the spur of the moment tattoos. With the exception of when we are on tour (laughed) we almost all went and got one the other day. Actually I have been wanting to do a Dr Jekyll themed sleeve for years and now we have this song!

Song River/OM: You wear several rings.

Justin Morrow: You know the rings are kind of a new thing for me. I have one that belonged to my great grandfather that I never take off but I think here in the last few months I have just started getting more and more into them. I like the big gaudy rings (laughed) pretend I am a biker.

Song River/OM: I understand you all are supposed to be starting a fall tour called “Hell In The Hallways” Tour staring in New York September 9th. We wanted to do a follow up that is a longer set after the Warped Tour had ended.

Song River/OM: Who is in the lineup?

Justin Morrow: We will have Secrets, Sylar, Cover Your Tracks and Out Came the Wolves. And we are excited that Alt-Press is involved too. They are obviously a big name and supporter of this genre.

Song River/OM: What does the end of this year beginning of next 2017 looking like?

Justin Morrow: I am hoping to have our next album out by this time next year (summer) but time will tell. I know we have a very, very big idea for the next record. It is going to be somewhat of a challenge but I think that is good. It will make us push ourselves. I can't say anything else yet, but we are excited and ready to dig into that soon.

I think the best thing is we finally feel like we have built this great fan base and it is continuing to grow. We are just so excited to continue to be with our fans, make new ones and create this kind of music, our kind of music that our fans love. We are invigorated!

Ice Nine Kills Information:
Label: Fearless Records

"Hell In The Hallways"