KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Strive will unveil a video for "Subliminal Friend," the second from their brand new album, Modern Pace, both released today.
Inspired by the song's lyrics, which express frustration with societal ties and norms in daily life, the band and a small crew created a set at Monument Rocks in Grinnell, Kan., a breath-taking mysterious mountain range in the middle of nowhere, with full intent to tear to down.
"We did everything ourselves with the help of production manager extraordinaires Anna and Tyler Nissen," said drummer Nick Stacy. "Setup was meticulous and the wind was roaring at 20 mph, so keeping all the walls up and getting them to drop at the right time was one of the most difficult things we've ever done."
The video captures the band members sitting at a formal afternoon tea setting until a rush of chaos ensues and the walls literally come down. "We definitely enjoyed destroying the set more than setting it up," Stacy said. "It's incredible how fast things happen in real-time and how much life you end up capturing in slo-mo in those couple seconds. Seeing the walls drop in post was SO gratifying."
In the end, the video is a perfect illustration of "Subliminal Friend" and its deep meaning.
"The song was written about being stuck in a life situation where you feel stagnant," said bassist Michael Zenk. "It was written at a very unstable point in our lives, where we were unsure of whether we would be able to keep pursuing our dreams. All of us were frustrated for different reasons, and felt trapped by working our stressful day jobs, financial debt, family problems, unhealthy relationships, and social anxiety. It's a song about finding a way to escape all of our personal traps whatever they may be; finding a way to keep pursuing our goals and becoming personally successful in today's confusing, stressful, fast-paced society."
"Subliminal Friend" directed by Andrew Shepherd of Lost Fox Collective.
The Strive -
The Strive - "Subliminal Friend"

The Strive will join the Savior Tour with Metro Station and Palaye Royale on October 18. Fans will be able to pick up a copy of the new album Modern Pace at all the shows. The album will also be available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more.  
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