Band Advice #30: Marketing and the Ultimate Connections

Band advice #30

Marketing. The Ultimate Connections.

You may have great music. You may even have a killer video. You may use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and your Great Aunt Tilly's Diner counter to sell your EP from... but it isn't enough.

Each band has to market themselves. You have to go beyond what the next band is doing to be heard, loved, adored and given hundreds of doubloons.

You need to perform, play, tour! You need to connect! 

Don't just show up at a venue and hide in the back or your in your trailer either. Do meet and greets and offer special merch packages. Offer a free download song card. Hang out after your set or before at your merch table. Autograph fans recent purchases, or possible garb they bring. Let them take quick cell phone shots with you and ask them to tag you on their instagram account! Go into the audience and  show support for the other bands (even if it's just for a few moments-fans notice and it scores points of respect). Connect!

Music today is more personal than it ever has been. Society changes, technology changes and the music industry must change along with it! 

Create lyric videos, drop singles, perform, design special events and meet and greets with merch Xtras, set up Q&A's with your fans, hang out with them, create your 'family' circle and watch your fan base grow and your music and merch sales soar!

Now get out there and be heard! 

Peace, Allyson Song River Jaynes of @CowGirlZen Entertainment