It Was A Emo Reunion of Sorts: Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World Along with Opener The Struts

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Zombie Prom
Phoenix, Arizona
The Struts, Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World

Good Charlotte Zombie Prom Music Festival Phoenix, Az. 2016
The setting and mood are totally legit as the first, probably will be annual, Zombie Prom Music Festival took place out on farmland located next to what is known as Fear Farm. The festival was set to begin at 2 PM and showcased several other bands such as; Barns Courtney, The Hunna and K. Flay and although due to our own scheduled assignments we did not arrive until the set of The Struts it was quite impressive to see how packed the venue was already and the line of vehicles all still waiting in line to park.  

The Zombie Prom was promoted as the Phoenix 'Fall Festival' under the local radio station 93.3 Alt-Az. 
Major kudos to all the organizers and staff as they provided a very smooth and fun experience.
Alt-Az and their DJ's always give Arizona the best!
With a bawdy raucous soul The Struts took the stage. Hailing from Derby Derbyshire lead vocalist Luke Spiller is the direct descendent of every English Glam-Rock naughty bluesy kick ass rock n roller all rolled into one. He is overtly confident, cheeky, sexy, gregarious and fun as all get out to watch. Spiller is without question the child of Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger. With an incredible vocal range and a force by nature persona Spiller along with The Struts mates: Adam (Addo) Slack- guitar/vocals, Jed Elliott- bass/vocals and Gethin Davies- drums were the shake up this fest needed and the highlighted spot of glit/glam/and rock. 

Playing their tunes that beg audience involvement The Struts opened with, "Get Your Hands Up," and as Spiller brought in the crowd closer the tracks "Could Have Been Me" gave way to Spiller telling the audience as turned his backside to us and shook his ass, he kicked it with "Kiss This." The lucre of their sides certainly rallied as they also played, "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Put Your Money On Me."  The crowd was just as drenched with perspiration as Spiller was by set end. The Struts put on one killer rock show and they are not to be missed when they come again.

Lead Singer for The Struts Luke Spiller

The Struts Zombie Prom Phoenix, Az. PC: CowGirlZen Entertainment 

With a short bridge of time between sets the audience could be overheard in their anticipation of Good Charlotte coming up.  Their tour, "Youth Authority" began actually in Phoenix, Arizona at the Zombie Prom Festival. Having released earlier this summer their first studio album, 'Youth Authority' the diehard fans of Good Charlotte were more than anxious for their once youth bantering cry of those angst days of the 90's to take center stage once again. As an American pop punk/alternative rock band that formed in around 1996, Good Charlotte had matured like the rest of us physically in the audience, but was still able to produce the soul of who they were and what they represented from the onset. 

Everyone who was a diehard fan there, and it appeared that most in attendance actually were there for Good Charlotte, the band of brothers: Joel Madden, Benji Madden- guitar, Paul Thomas- bass, Billy Martin- guitar and Dean Butterworth- drums (filling in for Butterworth at the beginning of the tour was Papa Roach drummer, Tony Palermo) gave us all the reasons why we became fans of Good Charlotte a long time ago when they released their first album entitled- 'Good Charlotte' and then followed up with 'The Young and the Hopeless' for it was that album most of Good Charlotte's set came from. Tunes like, "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous," "Riot Girl," "The Anthem," "The Story of My Old Man," and "The Young and the Hopeless" there was not one person in the audience who didn't sing along. It was humorous almost as several times Joel Madden would stop and look out over the crowd and say out loud, "It feels like we have gone back to the 90's tonight!" Perhaps in some ways that is what a lot of 2016 has been about- recapturing a bit of our 'glory days' and Good Charlotte certainly kicked off their tour with a radiant beam of great GC pop punk madness. 

Good Charlotte Zombie Prom Phoenix, Az. PC: CowGirlZen Entertainment 

Testing the Punk Winds



The Mesa, Arizona band beloved by all and still keeping the Ash on a Tuesday heartbeat came on stage to finish out the night, it was the night airs world under a blanket of stars, the pop punk jewel, Jimmy Eat World. It was as if nostalgia and modern times collided in one fell swoop. Delivering a setlist that spanned itself over several years and seven studio albums they opened their set with their 2016 single "Get Right." Lead vocalist Jim Adkins looked relaxed and happy as he lead the final evenings entourage of music fans. Adkins vocals are still just as sweet and soulful as they were back in '93.

As the band: Jim Adkins - Vocals, guitars; Tom Linton- guitar,vocals; Rick Burch-bass; and Zach Lind- Drums tour in support of their latest album, "Integrity Blues" they remain one of the most loved bands transcending both spaces kept in time and feeling just as nostalgic about the music and times as Good Charlotte shared. Watching and listening to both bands was something familiar and comforting in the sea of today's scene. Playing "23," "Futures," and "Work" from their 2004 album many fans wondered if the classic "The Middle" or "Sweetness" might be a part of their setlist tonight. Turning to his crowd Adkins thank everyone profusely for all the years of support and especially being a part of tonight. With that Adkins said, 
“We wrote this song about 17 years ago and it remains one of our favorites and it still blows my mind how much love for this song people have," and the tune "The Middle" began.  Finishing the evening Jimmy Eat World played “Sweetness” and finished the night with the popular 2016 single, “Sure and Certain.” 

It was Homecoming EMO Night. Zombie Prom with Jimmy Eat World. PC: CowGirlZen Entertainment 

The evening's events certainly felt like the sweetness of a homecoming to Arizona fans. That was the ultimate cherry on top having grown up with bands like Jimmy Eat World and Good Charlotte and still hearing them produce magic.  The Struts brought the hope for now to the future and Jimmy Eat World along with Good Charlotte confirmed our past, gave us happiness in our present and something to build onto for our music world. The pleasantries of contemporary rock n roll are still in motion. 

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